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10 Sure Signs It’s Christmas Time …

10. Elastic pants are available in the stores in fleece, extra fleece and thicky fleece with re-enforced waist band.

09. Crank phone calls sound like your relatives at other end shouting, “They’re home!” before hanging up.

08. They change the number 010 at the end of the eggnog expiration date to 011 (in what looks like a sharpie).

07. Things are available in “gift baskets” all of a sudden like motor oil & tires, thongs and shake weights and mortar & peanuts.

06. The street flood has frozen over.

05. You find some scratch paper and write NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION 2010.

04. The Knicks are out of the playoff picture.

03. You are awaken as a sleeper cell member … and buy 10 loaves of fruitcake … as programmed by our fruitcake overlords.

02. Your newspaper delivery guy actually hits your driveway … more than 3 times a week.


Yep, not much on the shelves but the gardening section is BULGING …

Happy holidays all!

Sometimes things do make it from gardening to the actual shelves … “Jason K.” had to make three trips and widen his front door to get his haul in …

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14 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 25 Comments


  • Man-I-Fold says:

    This is just terrible. Is the gardening stuff in the toy section, or what?

  • Indykjt says:

    Sign 18 that Christmas is almost here… CHRISTMAS CARS!!!

    Heard about this set… now just to find one! (this isn’t my sale)


  • Jason K says:

    Thanks guys!

    After not finding anything for months, I actually found all of this stuff in the last couple days!!! All on shelf too. The hard to find stuff was found at Fred Meyer, Babies R Us, and Kohl’s. Kmart for the 3 pack, and Target for the Final Lap of course. Keep hunting!
    Jason K

  • Joe P. says:

    The Knicks are out of the playoff picture? Funny. What about the Cowboys?

  • Monica says:

    I was at my local Walmart this morning and of course there was nothing on the shelf. However, I overheard the staff freaking out that customers, specifically “Hot Wheels guys”, were breaking into the back storage area and the garden area and going through the cases. They were incensed and talking about where to put the locks. I almost said hey, here’s an idea for you, how bout you put the merch on the shelves so customers can find the stuff they want and actually purchase it! Novel concept eh?

  • TarheelBill says:

    Who’s selling that 5 Pack…are they the Impound versions?

    (MET: Nope. TRU only, First post here).

  • NascarFan says:

    17. Store Patrons are still looking like last year and 2 and 3 years Halloween leftovers (refer to mets Walmart patrons post)

  • Stig McQueen says:

    16. The “seasonal” aisle looks like a scene from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas,” with Halloween and Christmas merchandise crowding each other out on the same shelves.

  • NascarFan says:

    15. build the garage for next year, (re re re re re re bump that for the list next year)

  • cac1959 says:

    Great scores, Jason K… I see a couple of things that I don’t have yet… And just once I’d like to see loads of unopened boxes of toys somewhere…

    12. Halloween candy, costumes, and other items on clearance.

    13. The October Kmart collector event has come and gone.

    14. Neighbors re-arranging their garage, putting the mower away for the season, so they can pull their vehicle in… meaning it’s time to do that yourself.

  • Rich says:

    Damn, I’m broke till next Wednesday. All those days going by I could be hunting for stuff and I’m just leaving it on the pegs.
    Bills are paid though.

  • Micky says:

    HO! HO! HO!

    I hope the Walmart’s around here start to look like that soon. None have had anything new for months 🙁

    Congratulations Jason K. 🙂

  • NascarFan says:

    oh man…..is it time to do maintenance on the snow blower?

    #11. your neighbors are doing snowblower maintenance

  • kdthomas says:

    All those toys…that will never get played with

    • Jack says:

       Why do you think these toys will be never played with? Most of us that buy extra trade or sell them to others; just so parents of collectors can get them and not have to pay EBay prices. 
       I don’t think many people buy this many to keep them all MIP and not for their children. 
       Some may keep a carded collection or two for their children or themselves but all others are opened and played with. We open everything and don’t keep any in package. 
       You shouldn’t look at a collector buying many extras as a negative. Especially if they are a member and help other members. 
       I would rather a member here buy extras and offer them here for a small markup or trade as opposed to just always posting but not helping too often. 
       I find it somewhat frustrating when members post they found new cars many others, myself included, need but for whatever reason they don’t pick them up. 
       The best is- Found them, know others need them but left them there anyway. Gee thanks. After all you can always return them to a store if no one wanted them. 
       I would rather someone here offer them for a couple extra bucks for helping or an equal cost trade than not be able to get something for a long time. Most members don’t expect something for nothing and don’t mind paying a little extra to get the new cars now. Instead of waiting weeks and endlessly driving and searching for them. 
       The best members here are the ones that buy many extras and help other members be able to get them without having to go the EBay route. 
       The best part of collecting ( which is why most are here) is getting new cars. That’s a Lot easier to do when you have great members all over the country and world nowadays buying as many extras as they can of new hard to find cars and offering them right here on Take 5 or to other members who help each other out frequently. 
       I recently bought and passed on 21 cases if new Cars Toons. I can tell you I know for a fact that many have already been played with by children all over. Children that wouldn’t have them yet because the cars did not even come to their area yet. 
       Some of those same people sent me new cars for my son that I couldn’t get yet. Thankfully they are people who were helpful enough to buy extras. 

  • Jack says:

    Ah isn’t it great to see a fully loaded unpacked pallet with lots of toy boxes on it. A pallet of endless possibilities.
    The eyes scan the pallet for any of those special boxes that say Mattel and Disney cars. The thrill of finding such boxes,
    The cutting open of these boxes to see what inside. Sometimes just old news but ah sometimes brand new ones.
    Success! And you find a plethora of new releases you need. Those are days collectors live for.
    By the way Met # 4. The Knicks are usually out of playoff contention by late Summer training camp. That more of a harbinger of Fall- days get shorter, leaves start to fall and the Knicks stick again. They start losing long before it get real cold.
    Nice haul Jason. Great to see a collector enjoying the hobby. Isn’t it much Breyer when you actually find cars you want.

  • jambouk says:

    If i was in that shop with the unopen boxes i would be asking someone if i could have a look, i have found many good scores that way.

    • Dekoy says:

      You guys actually take the effort to find someone to ask?

      I just get out the key and start opening, it seems like this is commonplace in my area for the Hot Wheels collectors to do……

      Also, i wish that they put the skids in the gardening centres, but i think it’s too cold here in Canada for that………….but i will start checking.

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Wow! Awesome score!

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