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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: UK Promo CAR & France Promo Update

As suspected, the UK Promo CAR is Faux Wheel Drive …

Original Offer …

And over in France, they have changed the promo sheet from this …

to this …

As “David V.” notes, “The French promo has changed. As it was written in the first ad but in very small letters : if they run out Faux Wheel Drive, they will send another yellow car. As you can guess, the yellow car is Sidewall Shine.”

Thanks for the update and pics, “David V.” & “Rippers.”

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29 September 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 22 Comments


  • cooldude9 says:

    Can anybody tell me which K-Mart day had Faux Wheel Drive, View Zeen and Gask-Its? I found these three last year in some leftover Cars 1 stuff and wasn’t sure what K-Mart day they were. Can anybody tell me?

    (MET: KM Day #5)

  • NascarFan says:

    News From France:

    ToysRus France promo is………. FWD Rubber tires, baggie and letter.

    Yeap Rubber tires FWD

  • madbob says:

    Thanks for sharing the info Jammy…

  • Carlos says:

    when will Gaskits and Tach O Mint be out? Are the launchers still scheduled? If not, then how will I get them? I thought, worse case, I’ll trade or buy one from an international collector, but, now how will I?

    • Sandy says:

      These will be coming out at Kmart day 5 with rubber tires in October. I dont think anyone has confirmed these but I think Im pretty sure. Why are you looking for plastic tires versions?

      • Sandy says:

        Heres are the cars that are suppose to release in October:
        Tach O Mint #101
        Gask-Its #80
        Faux Wheel Drive #54
        Tank Coat #36
        Sidewall Shine #74
        Shiny Wax #82
        View Zeen #39
        Nitroade #28
        Chase- Paint Mask Lightning McQueen #131 google eyes

        • Carlos says:

          Will Paint Mask McQ be exclusive? Also, I wish these were all non lenticular plastic tires. I think I’m the only one who hates rubber tires. All of my racers have plastic tires, and I want them all to be like that. I just like plastic tires better.

          • Sandy says:

            Paint mask Mcqueen is exclusive to this case. These are non lenticular but rubber tires. So if you want the harder to find cars this might be your only option unless you wanna pay big bucks for these. Dont know if they are coming out as launchers.
            And your probably not the only one who doesnt like the rubber tires. I personally like them but what kills me is that my 3 yr old son tries and does take the rubber tires off with his teeth. What a hazard! So I have to keep those away from him until he knows a little better.

            • Carlos says:

              I kind of like rubber tires, but I have the same problems you do. If Paint Mask McQ is exclusive, then there’s a change of plans. I usually associate “Chase” to something that’s tough to find, and you’ll have to chase all over towm to find, not something that’s right there and so easy, a cavecar can find.

  • JMBoost says:

    I still need this car, but as the two TRU stores closest to me have sod all in I ain’t holding my breath on getting my 5 reciepts needed to claim it!

    @jammywin, where the hells your Disney store? My local one is run like crap, hardly any cars out apart from Disney Stores own brand cars!

    • jammywin says:

      Im up in manchester!!!!!!!! theres two store in the city and both seem to stock only mcqueens i just went in with a list of some cars i needed and they said to me they had loads out back and brought these big bins out for me to rummage though were very helpful!!!! and because she could see i was obsessed with cars she showed me the booklet telling me whats coming over the next couple of monthes

      J X

  • Dolly says:

    And we got it in a JAR for € 599 hahahaha…… 🙂

  • cac1959 says:

    Shame on Mattel… sending out the exact same promo Car to the UK as they did 2 years ago… If they knew in advance they were using the same promo Car that they did 2 years ago, they should have listed it. To have the same promo that they did 2 years ago with the original literature is misleading the customer at best.

    The good news about the promo being FWD is that I won’t be buying any additional promo UK Cars this month, which leaves more money for the other new releases that may show up in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia this month.

  • Aw man! I thought the UK promo was gonna be the Apple car! I’m very disappointed! I guess the UK likes having FWD as a promo car.

  • jammywin says:

    hey guys slightly off subject but not sure where to post on here!!!!!!!!

    think this site is amazing get to know loads of cool cars diecast news!!

    Anyway….. im in the uk and just come back from a shopping trip and my local disney store…. the same old cars on the shelves but a really kind store memeber asked if i need help told her that i needed new cars etc ….

    she was like oh we have tubs full out back…(i was thinking why arent they on the shelf then instead of all these lightining mcqueens)

    anyway…she came back and to my shock there was NEW cars toons in these tubs loads of ninja and van-san etc i was like wow!!

    she was so happy to help she even brought out the store plan to show we whats happening in the next few monthes( christmas etc)

    and indeed they are getting the xams cars in again and there was a pix of Xmas mater on his own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoop whoop in the ball packaging

    plus it said that disney store are gonna be getting in final lap cars exclusive to them till the end of 2010 and…..

    the rubber tire cars are coming!!!!!!exclusive to disney store too!!!!!!

    great news ay…. what do u guys think…??

    James xoxo

    • Rippers says:

      James you say you saw Mater as a single, was it Reindeer Mater or did he have Green Hat?
      Did you see/did they have more info on the Rubber Tyre racers ie is it the Kmart5 case with TachOMint, Faux and Gask-Its?
      Very excited for the UK now 🙂

      • jammywin says:

        The picture i saw was very small but i did show mater not sure which one it was thinkin about it didnt know there was more that one different xmas mater but cool new all the same i thought!!!!

        with regards to the rubber tire cars the booklet just said that they would be exclusive to disney store etc so……

        happy times!!! not sure what cases though!!!

        there was also a mention of two 20 car set priced at £80 each

        one diecast cars and one cars toon so god knows what that will be either will keep ya posted when i know more

        J x

    • jambouk says:

      Great news….Thanks!

  • John in Missouri says:

    I can’t see the new French offer!

  • jambouk says:

    WOW faux! how much of a rip off is that? so glad i waited.

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