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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Last Lenticular 3-Pack?

Of course, no surprise, it’s arrived in Europe – Austria to be specific, the new center of the CARS Universe 🙂

Of course lenticular Cruisin McQueen with first release lenticular Matti & Bert (previously only on Final Lap).

And yes, that’s 20€ and not $20.

This was the original list of “new” lenticular 3-packs and it looks like everything is out …

3-Packs 2009 New

Sadly, of course, we did NOT get the Todd Pizza Planet, Catrip & Cutlass 3-pack  and got this instead …

So, it’s probably safe to presume that list is complete …

Though there are a couple “repeat” box sets on the list that have not appeared as lenticular so we might still get more or not … it’s hard to say since we are at the end of the normal CARS Calendar year which generally runs from October to October but it’s not iron clad …

3-Packs 2009 Return

The Dinoco Mia & Dinoco Tia lenticular set & the Showgirls in lenticular form have not been released. The other 4 sets have seen a release … so the last lenticular 3-pack case (which is 6 to a case) for the US might just be the Crusin & Reporters box plus the two un-released “repeats.”

More photos from “Dolly.”

8€ – priced like a classic auction CAR.

At 20€, not so fast off the shelves …

Like the boys hiding on the right …

Thanks for the great pics, “Dolly.”

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