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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: CARS2 … Carrying Case

The first announced item outside of the mainline singles and Movie Moments is a carrying case …

No actual photos but …

Since it’s called DOUBLE DECKER BUS CARRYING CASE and we know a portion of the movie takes place in London and of course, who does not love the classic and iconic double decker London Bus, we can pretty much guess it will look something like this … though presumably sponsored by NITROADE and GASK ITS CREAM CRACKERS …

UPC: 0-27084-97188-0

If it rolls, I’m in.

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5 September 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 16 Comments


  • Dinoco-Si says:

    Would be great to get a decent carry case for the Cars – my son has the standard track one but insists on only putting the ‘proper’ cars in!! What about the other box load ;-)))
    Remember the great Star Wars figure carry cases????

  • Carlos says:

    Are they bringing back Movie Moments? I hope not. They were pegwarmers, and my Kmart and Toys R Us both still have some on clearanced.

  • Matias Sosa says:

    i want to know how pixar may do the eyes of this character. maybe they put them in the top windshield , or put and extra window on the left side.nowbody does better than pixar !:)

  • Roswell says:

    i just hope that pixar do it right….

    NO american voice actors/actressess for the british roles!!!!

    sorry america, you just cant pull it off.

    Maybe they should get Stephen Fry to play the part of a london cabbie (he owns one)

  • jambouk says:

    Seriously has any cars2 diecast mailine singles been confirmed yet?
    I expect we will see them a month or 2 before this film hits the big screen, That seems to be the way with kids films…get the toys on the shelf pronto!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Why does this Double-Decker Bus remind me of Bulgy from Thomas the Tank Engine?? Oh yeah, Bulgy’s a double-decker bus.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I just hope the double-decker bus is NOT a Mini Adventures item! Speaking of which, we saw 3 Screamin’ Banshees at a St. Louis area Toys “R” Us this weekend — $34.99 each!! Yipes!!!!

    • Carlos says:

      I hope not either. I did buy the Mini Trev though, just because my Walmart clearanced him for $10. I wanted a Trev, and it was a decent scale, much better than the one in the Top 10 poll. That’s why I didn’t vote for him. Pitties and other small ones do fit, though. Minis seem to be done, so goodbye, and good riddance!

  • Carlos says:

    I’m excited about this. I’m definatly buying this. I can’t wait for more Cars 2 stuff. I’m changing my mind about collecting Cars 2 stuff. I want to. I do, however think they’ll continue making Cars 1 stuff even after Cars 2 comes out. And, no, not just Mater, McQ, Sally, Todd, etc. in Cars 2 packaging, but I think they’ll continue FL and Piston Cup Nights as well. But, NO MORE MOVIE MOMENTS! Please. They proved unpopular, and my TRU and KM still have them clearanced. 3, 4, and 5 packs, maybe, if they’re with rare or exclusve cars. So, let’s see how it goes. I’m really excited.

  • madbob says:

    That bus is near enough pre-historic. Buses aren’t so rounded now in the UK. You might see one or two going up and down the motorway with hen or stag parties on!

    (MET: I’ll bet Pixar goes with this classic look – never mind if it’s not on the road anymore – this is what people think of … plus, you all still wear top hats, right? 🙂 ).

  • babychristianscars says:

    can’t wait for all the new cars esp. this carrying case.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    This would be cool if the Movie comes out… people are saying that Lasseter and the Team are running out of ideas. We may not even see McDonalds Toys for it. 🙁
    PLUS if the movie DOES come out, we are probably looking at about 254 new Cars, 56 old Cars, and about 4-5 different Cardbacks from scenes like London, Japan, Rome, etc. Don’t forget about Lenticulars, Color Changers, Movie Moments, 3 Packs, etc…

    (MET: No CARS2 Lenticulars … at least not in 2011).

    • Alex says:

      Oh, I’m sure you’ll see more toys that you can imagine. I bet entire movie will be made so Mattel or whoever gets the main license could make as many toys / merchandise as they possibly can.

  • morris.w1@sky.com says:

    this should be good i would like to see that

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