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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Holiday CARS 2010

All signs point to the holiday CARS returning to Target … will they return to other retailers? That’s unknown as of now.

For those who can’t remember back that far, Target got the rounded velcro packaging (much like normal Storytellers) and TRU got the mock snowglobe … of course, Target also got the 5-pack …

Holiday CARS Checklist

Will the Mater Saves Christmas box be back?

Unknown as of now.

Though the Santa CAR will probably only be available at Target …

Santa Reindeer

And I believe there are only 6 Pitty Reindeers and not eight in diecast form though I suppose you buy two and cobble two sets together with a backup Santa.

Santa Rein

And we are getting one more – Guido & Luigi packaged together on one card.


These are part of the EXPANDED UNIVERSE CARS from this book,  Mater Saves Christmas – available from Amazon.


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