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CARS CARES, Rob, Eric, Kevin NB & TakeFivers Donate Over $1k to the Salazar Family Fund!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to helping out a family in need and in grief.

But especially to Kevin of CARS CARE for setting up and being a trustworthy friend and official source to collect the donations … and to Kevin “Nascar Bronco” for the idea of the challenge and donating a portion of his eBay auction.

Of course, again, thanks to Kevin of CAR CARES for donating some of the CARS but Eric L. for donating a huge portion of the CARS – not just random CARS but well selected and interesting CARS.

And if just buying some of the lots wasn’t enough – Rob C. not only bid on most of the auctions but has then turned around and donated EVERYTHING back to CAR CARES!

Rob C., Eric L, and the two Kevin’s – you are shining examples of the best kind of neighbors anyone could have – that when a helping hand is needed, you are there generous in spirit and your time – no questions asked.

And of course, also thanks to “crazy cars” who won the other auction and to all the those others who have already donated directed to the Salazar Family Fund through CARS CARES.

And a note from Rick …

I am here up late at night (currently 2:20 am central) with my kids still awake about to go to sleep finally. Just checking emails prior. They keep me up quite a bit. We are hanging in there. Dylan, a short while ago asked me, “when is mommy going to wake up from her faint?”. He is too young to understand. You can imagine my situation. What do I tell him?….other than that mommy is in heaven…..yeah it can be very hard sometimes. Derick wants me to take him on an airplane to go pick up mommy in heaven….wish I could really do that. I miss her so much.

Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers, and tremendous efforts. TFAD and all it’s members have been a significant positive force in our lifes. The funds raised, by all means, are significant and do make a difference. However, the biggest difference for me have been the actions, the thoughts, the prayers, and the well wishes. That means the most to me. They have kept me hanging in there mentally. Just knowing that so many people whom I have never met care so much for my family through these difficult times means a whole lot. I really do take that to heart. That is more valuable to me than any amount of funds you could have raised.

Thanks again,
Rick Salazar

For those who missed the beginning of the terrible story – our first post was here.

And the update to the boy’s physical recoveries

And a note from Kevin of CARS CARES …

I sent Rick just a few minutes ago, after sending the final payment of $1,055.00.

Also, the last auction series raised $280, thanks to Eric. Rob won three of the ots, and donated most of the items he won to Cars Cares… a very generous act! In addition, NascarFan donated the 10% of his Texas Tea auction, and a few more dollars from some SC orders he has taken.

In all, I am humbled by the amount of support for the Salazar’s, and I think everyone who helped out should be thanked again for all they have done.

And one final thanks to Kevin “Nascar Bronco” who first emailed Rick Salazar since he had not heard from him in a while …

CARS CARES can be reached here at all times for other donations of CARS or cash.

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30 June 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 9 Comments


  • Indykjt says:

    The efforts of many made this possible for this family. The people at this site make it what it is… a community. In addition to the MANY individuals who contributed to the fund, a few individuals went above and beyond.

    Kevin (NascarFan) – Was the first to let everyone know of the horrific circumstances, helping us to realize a need. Also, his Kmart Day challenge gave a significant boost to the donations, and kept interest alive for the last two months. His Texas Tea auction donation gave an additional late boost, and finally his SDCC sales donations topped off his efforts. All of this with his other efforts for the family… THANK YOU!

    Met – Giving the efforts a home here at TFAD, and letting us get the word out about the challenge, auctions, etc., and allowed us to help the family as much as we did. THANK YOU!

    Eric – His recent donation of several sought after Cars, and his idea to auction them, gave a enormous boost at the end of the campaign to put us over the $1000 mark! THANK YOU!

    Rob – His bidding kick-started the auctions off, and his winning bids put us over the top. THEN, he donated most of his winnings to the Cars Cares program… classy move Rob! THANK YOU!

    TFAD Family – To each and every member of the TFAD community, with out the many of you who stepped up, no matter the amount, we have made a true difference with this family. From Rick’s emails, I know the show of support from here truly meant a great deal to him. THANK YOU!

    I hope we never have this big of a need again within this community, but I am honored and blessed to have been a part of it.

    – Kevin T.

  • Thomas Reddin says:

    good stuff!!!

  • PirateDad says:

    Standing ovation GENTLECARS!!!

  • NascarFan says:

    I was glad to help. I lost a fiancee in 1986 from a drunk driver and know what it is like.

    SDCC order donations

    {“a few more dollars from some SC orders he has taken”}

    I donated from the people who had already paid. A few others are coming as I am waiting on checks in the mail, or their paydays.


  • jestrjef says:

    It is good to see the Take 5 family taking care of one of our own in a time of need. Take 5 is a wonderful community to be a part of. Great work by all involved!!

    Met, thank you for being the mastermind behind it all. You have given us a place to share our love for Cars and support each other in good times or bad.

  • Mariela says:

    Simply..FANTASTIC!! Thanks guys..

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    A great job!

    BrianD said it well. Thanks so much!

  • BrianD says:

    A job well done!

    There are great members in this forum and an excellent group at Cars Cares – Thanks for helping out.

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