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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Race O Rama Magazine Issue #4

This definitely took a while to find everything as the Race O Rama was when the line ran off in 100 directions …

For those who are unfamiliar, our magazine is printed ON DEMAND so it’s not printed until you order one from MagCloud (part of HP). Issue #4 can be purchased through this link HERE. You can also get a FULL COLOR PREVIEW of all 32-pages. There are hundreds of photos of EVERYTHING released under the Race O Rama motif.

You can find all our other issues here at our MagCloud TakeFiveADay page.

And through June 30, there is a 25% COUPON – the code – DADGRAD

This discount is good for all our issues and of course, when you buy an issue, it helps support TakeFive and you get a visual checklist. Thanks!

They can only ship to the US, Canada & the UK for now. Sorry! Credit cards or Paypal.

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  • driveshaft says:

    Am really looking forward to this issue. You guys really do a great job! Wish you guys were in charge of the division of Mattel that puts out the Cars!!!

  • collectormom says:

    Just ordered one. I seem to remember they ship them out pretty quickly too. And thanks for the discount code, every little bit helps!

  • babychristianscars says:

    the coupon code only gives 10% off not 25%. If it was 25% I would have ordered them all.

    (MET: We make about $5-$10 from each magazine sold and it looks like MagCloud only takes the discount off their share of the total cost so that means the final discount might appear smaller … on the other hand, I promise you a lot of work went into them and it’s a recap of EVERYTHING in that particular release year … each photographed in high res).

  • Carsaholic says:

    Placed my order this morning. Used the discount code and it took 10% off. Thanks again for all the work you put in keeping the rest of us up to date and current on all things “Cars”! I don’t know where you get all you info, but it’s always spot on. This site rocks!

    • NascarFan says:

      I know where he gets some of the photos at least. I sent some in of some launchers with the NEW Sunburst and without and of the Chick Hicks Race o Rama Pit Race Off. I am sure other contributed photos too

  • NascarFan says:

    I misplaced my previous #1 thru #3. I think #4 has the launchers in it

  • Micky says:

    Just placed my order. Used discount code. Thanks for doing these reference magazines. I’m sure it’s a ton of work. I really appreciate all you do.

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