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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Lenticular M Case is Here

Lenticular M Case is here …

The first appearance release of …

And while Fillmore lenticular has been released, here’s he is with his organic gas can … hey, there’s two …

Though if you’re gonna recreate the Mater & Ghostlight scene, how many do you need?

And the first ever releases as lenticulars …

Ron is also available in the Kmart CARS Day CASE.

Plus a car that hasn’t been released in a while …

Great, now I want ice cream …

Thanks for the great pics “PCC” & “PitStopToyShop.”

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9 June 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 22 Comments


  • blueyedgurl8907 says:

    looks like its gonna be a good case! found a van with stickers chase at walgreens the other day, but van doesnt have any stickers on him..is this a common error?

    (MET: Yes, the first release were sans sticker).

  • BMW says:

    Found Organic Gas Can (s) Fillmore at TRU today. New Shipment.

  • I don’t like lenticulars but I want Fillmore for the gas cans!

  • Bionictoad says:

    Does anyone else hate lenticulars as much as I do?

  • UKSeeker says:

    Looking forward to this case hitting the UK!

    • Hearseman UK says:

      Cannot wait either, should be soon I reckon espcially at Tescos. Whilst my local one has stopped cars toons and do not stock megasize, they are doing well with the ‘normal’ ones;But they are overlowing with Mood springs hauler; 8 of the things!!
      Bought MQ with shovel and Fred with fallen bumper so was well chuffed and on a hanging strip was some old WOC versions, must have found a case out back! Will get Filmore as the cans are something extra but van with just a small single bumper sticker didn’t interest me at all. Re Bionictoad’s message, I was a die hard ‘fixed eye’ collector but as I have increased my models by 6 in the last few months without paying loads on ebay, I am now happy to go googly eyed.

  • Carlos says:

    I would like to get the organic gas cans loose without the lenticular Fillmore, but where? Can I get one loose on eBay? If you see some, let me know by reply.

  • shtev says:

    Oh, and have the comments always been in reverse order – it confused me just now.

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    Will Yeti w/snow cones be the next chase?

  • carscrazydd says:

    Nice post, Met! Haven’t seen these yet, but I’m on the hunt.

  • shtev says:

    Go Boost!

    Looks a great case.

    I had a frustrating experience yesterday – I found Van with Stickers in my local Asda – at least I found the packet. Someone had removed him from the blister and stole him, leaving the packet behind. Obviously knew what they were looking for as it was just Van who was missing. Winds me right up! I don’t mind quite so much if someone gets there first, but the fact they weren’t even will to pay £3.50 for a chase car! Madness.

    • carscrazydd says:

      Sorry shtev, some people just don’t care about anyone else. I see this all the time. Just selfish people with no common sense.

      Wait til you find a chase car that doesn’t even have the right car in it, just stuffed something else in there and super glue the blister back in place, your spring will probably snap.

      Or a hot three pack you’ve been looking for with one or all of the cars replaced and glued back shut. Met has posted about this before. I’ve encountered this one a few times, ticks me off too!

      Until the service desks start looking at what people are returning, it’s not going to stop. I’ve had to return a few things cause my wife and I will duplicate a purchase and all they ask is “is there anything wrong with it”, too busy to pay attention I guess or don’t care! I’m sure the criminals doing this are going to say I switched the cars!

    • carscrazydd says:


  • PCC says:

    As you can see from my pic, Fillmore has two nice chips in his paint on the roof. Grrr. I visited three other WM’s yesterday, hoping to find more, but I struck out. Guess I was being too greedy…”one is enough for you today!”

    BTW, the Boost in the case has shifting eyes (the previous ones being a blinky), so it’s “new” too.

    • L8rM8r says:

      That is good to know as others were reporting some blinky eyes with Boost. I remember seeing some blinky eyes when the v 2.0 lenticular line came out but for the most part they have all been with the new motion.

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