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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Target Post-Holiday Clearance Begins

Of course, today Christmas day – Target is not open but tomorrow … I’m sure all the Christmas stuff will start being clearanced including any leftover Christmas CARS so while they will almost certainly return next year – here’s your chance to grab them on sale.

Good luck.

In toys, the Storyteller cousins & showstoppers singles are marked down to $4.54 – while not exactly the biggest bargain ever, it is about $2 off the original price …

Actually, all Storytellers singles (as they are all the same DPCI numbers) are being marked down. I only saw the 2008 Storytellers singles at my Target at $4.54.

These pics are from “Cars77” – thanks!

Of course, “BigMOCats” in St. Louis has a Target that has either received all the CARS for the Eastern Seaboard or this is what all Target’s were supposed to look like …

If you think this is good, just wait until you turn the corner …

So, there might be another markdown or two at this store 🙂

So, if other CARS items are marked down, send pics and keep us updated!

Over in the ‘display aisle,’ they also marked down display cases – while none seem to be a 100% perfect fit for CARS, for other diecasts or for a diorama of CARS, they might do the trick and a solid deal at $10-$20 …

And this one has a glass door.

There’s also one for signed baseballs that’s nice & heavy glass for @$20 that can hold a few dozen of your favorite CARS also.

I’m sure there will be some nice bargains and markdowns after Christmas so keep checking back and send us deals – thanks – get ready for shopping phase Part II on Saturday morning.

Thanks for the nice pics, “Cars77” and “BigMOCats.”

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25 December 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 30 Comments


  • Rob hughes says:

    Wow just had a weird experience….went into my local Target Riverhead NY and not a single die cast car or anything that associates with them, no cases, no sets…no old cars that had been there for weeks. I can’t believe that it all got sold since Xmas, so I asked an associate and he just said, “nope we don’t have any” with no reason or help for that matter…maybe they sent all of the old stuff back and are getting new stuff? Weird.

  • fastlane250 says:

    The Target in Winona, MN has the same situation.

    Die-Cast Cars Aisle:
    25% Hot Wheels
    15% Matchbox
    10% Other
    50% Pixar Cars

    Some Mattel warehouse must have exploded somewhere recently.

  • applefinatic says:

    wow I wish that was my Target 🙂

  • kdthomas says:

    Nothing new at my Target, however, looks like the clearance on the Storytellers has knocked down the amount of Smell Well LMQ’s from 5 pegs full to only 2. They also had an RPM Hauler and a No Stall sitting in plain view which were passed over. This is usually a sign that most collectors in the area already have them so hopefully we’ll see Mood Springs soon. I found a Sidewall Shine the other day but it was buried under a pile of other haulers.

    Still no sign of the Richard K. 🙁 He’s the only one I’ve been really hoping to find.

  • Scully says:

    For those who say their Target has nothing, I’d suggest you check back. Last year my local Target had 2 rows of clearance toys around the 1st of the year, including many items that where NEVER on the shelves. I have yet to figure out how Target operates the way it does.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      Last year in the Pacific Northwest we had a major snowstorm which dumped more than a foot of snow. With trucks stuck enroute, there was at least a chance. This year the weather is dry as a bone. No such luck this year. I’m just looking forward to the new Final Lap castings to arrive. I’m agreeable to buying a full retail price.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Unfortunately, none of the Target stores in Pierce County (WA) did not have anything to discount after Christmas. The stores did not have anything to sell at full price BEFORE Christmas!

  • BMW says:

    Sidewall shine hauler rang up 1.99 at Target it had the 990XXXX DCPI code in today’s after Christmas sale. Must have been a fluke.

  • phantomrs says:

    Got a target christmas set today for $14.99, and a ransburg chase DJ

  • por356 says:

    Met, thanks for this thread. I read it last night and decided to make a little early morning foray into the hustling and bustling after Christmas crowds. Surprise! No crowds. But there was a blue Ransburg Chase DJ staring at me from the pegs at Target and some Color Changers at Walmart. I even found a strange Lightning McQueen Christmas cocoa mug with a small spoon topped by Mater in a Santa hat. Half off at Walgreens. Quite a satisfying day.

    I love this site. It bankrupt me, but I will go into the bankruptcy court smiling.

  • Jinzo says:

    Picked up yesterday 12/24 Tow Cap & Gasprin Movie Moment for 4.98 worthed at that price. 😀 Only have one but why not get another one for cheaper. By the way… this means no more Movie Moments now? My guess they shifted to 3-packs now… sad but true… wonder if we ever will see another Tractor movie moment since at the moment, I don’t have one… 🙁

  • por356 says:

    This is off topic, but still in the vein of saving money. If anyone was interested in the 1/24th Lightning McQueen, Mater or Doc Hudson that were featured in the article on the 21st of December as being on sale at Amazon.com, there is even better news. Go back to the article, click on the links above each picture and you will find that the price has been reduced even further. I just ordered Doc Hudson for $27.99 with free shipping!

    (MET: LINK).

  • John in Missouri says:

    BigMoCats — which Target is that???

  • Angela says:

    Need help finding the storytellers and new Final Lap cars. Can anyone help me. Wisconsin never gets this stuff that often. I need someone willing to sell me them at a descent price. Please looking for one of each of the final lap series case b or c and One 3 pack of Showstoppas, and the rusteez and the two pack Bubba and Tow Mater

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Although I am not a collector of the Storytellers line or the Car Toons, it is a little disheartening to see such a short shelf life for these toys. It seems it is another example of sell the new release, discount, and move on to the next box. No chance to back fill for your collection. So far, it’s the same with the Final Laps collection- one or two shipments, then poof! Gone! 🙁

  • Samuel says:

    Yesterday afternoon I ran into our local store (which still has 2 entirely full endcaps of the movie moments exactly like this picture and another endcap of 2009 storyteller singles). Every storyteller single, storyteller 3 pack, movie moment, and cars toon 4 pack was marked down 30% so ST singles and movie moments were under $5, toon 4 packs were $12 and ST 3 packs were $10ish.

    I also learned that Target only price adjusts for SALE items, not clearance prices. So you cannot just bring a recent receipt and get the refund. You can return the items if you still have them (but cannot repurchase the same day). Oh well!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    • Uncle Skip says:

      But, you could buy ones on Clearance and return with the original full price receipt on another day. (if it is still in the return window)

      Even if the UPC is different, their DCPI system allows for the refund. Just make sure you have the receipt with the higher purchase price.

  • Kevin W says:

    Walmart had their lenticulars for $2.00 a piece yesterday.

  • swb says:

    these were all on clearance yesterday at my target . Merry Christmas alll

  • AidensMom624 says:

    I saw that yesterday – but all they had were Smell Swell McQ and Sponsorless McQ left. Oh well – I got all Aiden needed and helped out some others while they were ‘hot’ – LOL

    They did have color changers earlier in the week and yesterday had Muddy McQ & Pit Crew Sarge – so those topped off Aiden’s stocking ! Yippie !

    Merry Christmas everyone – hope you have a wonderful day !!

    • iamspeed says:

      That’s all they had at one of our stores as well.

      Angie, I found a LSM fresh from the case at Target, but since I’d never heard back from you, I left him on the peg! 🙁

  • iamspeed says:

    They can’t mark down what they don’t have, in the case of our Target stores.

    They’ve been out of the sets and singles for about 2 weeks now.

    Merry Christmas to everyone out there! 🙂

  • Micky says:

    No new Story Tellers left at either of my local Targets. I’m glad I got my 3 packs when I did.



  • wow! I have too much time on my hands…I knew that I ‘d end up over paying…
    Happy Xmas to all!

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