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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Eyes On Lenticulars 2.0

The new side-to-side dual eyes Lenticulars have hit international waters, Paul R. reports in …


I do like the mini pic underneath but kind of redundant that it’s just the pic above – kind of like, d’uh … here are three pictures of the CAR you are buying, the big picture, the actual CAR & a mini version just to be triple sure.


… and it would seem saying something besides LOOK MY EYES CHANGE so as to reduce the text – maybe just LOOK!

Or to make it more dada, they should have put a 4th tiny picture of the CAR with the arrow who doesn’t want a 4th verification it’s the CAR they want?

And don’t forget to collect the zombie expanded universe series …

zomb mia
Thanks Fiddlehead-Heather.

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29 November 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 32 Comments


  • Indykjt says:

    I was just thinkin’… just what is One Eyed Mater gonna look like in lenticular? One eyed blinky Mater? Hmmmm….

  • Rippers says:

    Met will the Lenticulars come to an end anytime soon? This repeating old cars situation with minor differences is quite tiresome.
    My Guess is we have at least two more cases after this with Ransberg Ramone and King to come.. what then?
    I’ve seen lenticular Ferrari and Pit Crew Sarge on ebay but will they be part of box sets??

    (MET: There is an updated CHASE listing through presumably summer 2010 – there are at least 8-10 more CHASE CARS listed).

  • kdthomas says:

    Found a No Stall and an RPM Hauler at Target today. Looks like each store just got one case that included 2 No Stalls and 1 RPM. They had 2 No Stalls but I only picked up one and got the $9.99 KMart price match. The singles are being sold at KMart for $2.99 so I got a few of those as well. No luck finding the SUV yet and I went EVERYWHERE!

    I also found a Spare O Mint Launcher with the new cardback design as well as a Chick Hicks Launcher in the new design at TRU. I didn’t buy but took a picture. (no place to post here). I also found a lot of original cars in the Final Lap at Target. From reading the back it looks like they planned 40 in the Final Lap with a lot of them being older cars. They had Fillmore and a few others so hopefully the new ones start showing up soon.

  • kdthomas says:

    Finally got two Dale Jr’s thanks to a fellow TakeFiver… but… noticed an error on both of them πŸ™ Maybe this is an error on all of them? If you look at the rear of Dale Jr. his left-side light is upside down.

  • SweetBug says:

    May I say the cars are still beautiful, but did we really need some cars that would wink at us? Or the even scarier 4-eyed versions that just don’t seem to work right? Went to Disneyland/ California Adventure last week – sad to say that all the Race o’Rama cars have been sold and now replaced with the 2.0 Lenticulars for $6.95. The only non lenticular car they had was Chase Ransburg Daryl Cartrip, they had about 15 in one store. The Chase cars are easy to spot, instead of the red “Look” circle, there is a light green circle that says Chase really big. Easy to spot among the scary 4-eyed McQueens.

    Also super bummed to say that Walgreens, my last hope in finding Van in the wild – now carries Lenticulars. And they have them out the wazzu! (Just for you John!)

    I don’t know whats worse: 4-eyed McQueen or Look! My-eyebrow-slightly-raises Mater?

  • Whoseline says:

    So what happened anyway? I remember martin saying they scrapped the idea of the eyes moving side to side cause they didn’t like how it looked.

  • iamspeed says:

    TRU “satellite/seasonal” stores had “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” on the Mini Adventures today, didn’t see anything like that at the regular TRU.

  • iamspeed says:

    Found multiple NoStall Haulers on the shelf at Target today! Woo hoo!

  • Dunroamin says:

    So wait…did I miss the case with Dinoco Chick Lenticular eyes?

  • cac1959 says:

    I may be in the minority, but I do like the new style lenticular design with eyes that move as well as this new cardback… I don’t care much for the eyes that open and close. I look forward to adding some more international cardback Cars to my collection.

    • WillsCars says:

      I would be very surprised if those collecting Lenticulars are the minority. As I have posted before, when I went to the Cars Days at K-Mart everyone there was collecting them and no one was complaining. I do agree, I like the ones where the eyes move around, more so then the open and shut, but I like all the cars. I find it very funny that some refer to Lenticulars as Googly eyed. That doesn’t even really make sense. Googly eyed refers to those large plastic eyes, like the stack of money has in those Geico commercials, or it also refers to someone with a blank stare on their face. Hmmm, blank stare, just like the painted eye cars have! I think the Lenticulars are more realistic, because in the movie all the cars where constantly moving their eyes or blinking. I would like to know if there is a list of how many different type of Lenticular eyes each car will end up with?

  • Rippers says:

    The eyes are the same on Flash Ramone and Guido, Tex’s eyes now move side to side as do Fab Doc, Nitroade and Dinoco Chick but the best ones where Sarge and Filmore their eyes don’t move just the eye lids. Sarge’s go from a frown to a angry look and Fillmore’s go from wide open to a sleepy stoned look, there was also Radiator Springs Mcq which I didn’t pick up as I got confused with Crusin’ doh! And the non Lenticular Chase in Ransberg was there aswell, but the boy infront of me picked it just before I got there double doh!

  • applefinatic says:


    • buckland-blowouts says:

      I think they are stickers that Luigi has at his tire shop or something of the like? Nothin’ to worry about…

      BUT Met did do a post a little while back explainin’ why there may be 43 to start but only 36 that actually race…

      Big sponsors buy a second car to race and call it a dud – knowin’ full -well that they will only run a few laps. They then get called in for transmission failure or somethin’ like that and sit the rest of the race out. Those cars are usually pitted in front of their other car, so that when they are pulled from the race on a technicality, the real car is left with no car parked in front of it during a yellow flag when all the cars come in to pit row… This way they can get out easier.

      You will also notice that those pit spots only have a couple tires and an oil can for a pit crew as they will surely not be used…

      OR Met can get you a like to that post… LOL!

  • djbennett22 says:

    this is an interesting packaging since it is the first one we do not see in the movie

    seris 1 desert
    2 dark radiator springs
    3 (turn lights on) radiator springs
    4 race place
    5 i dunno tokyo?

  • babychristianscars says:

    Love the packaging. I am hoping the cars in us, come with those tiny pictures. I save those with a date on when I add the cars in my son’s memory book.

  • Aaron & Jeanne Scriven says:

    loveeee that final lap packaging! dont love so much those cars inside haha but still buying 1 of each hah

  • Daniel says:

    What I still don’t get is why Mattel makes a 3rd packaging version for North America which has 4 languages, and most, if not all the languages are shown on the cards above.

  • Mr. T says:

    cool packaging but pffffffttttttttt on the lenticulars……….

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