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What Zhu Zhu Shortage? They Breed Like …

I started with two, turned my back and …

What am I gonna do with all these hamsters?

Zhu Zhu

Don’t worry. I’ve hidden them all over the store like a good eBayer.  🙂

I’ve selected the least trafficked aisles at TRU … the Latin Video Game Section, the Granite Slab-Carve-Own-Toys Section and the Speed Racer Diecast Section … so look there first.

I am of course, KIDDING! Photo courtesy of “Santa’s Little Helper,” and no, they were not allowed to buy 60 of them and no, “SLH” does not live near me so I cannot drive 1,100 miles (give or take 16,000 miles) to buy them for you.

They are cute but too small. When they come up with a life size one I can drive around like my other truck … I am THERE!


The hamsters are out there. Shop hardy, fool hardy and look in all the aisles of TRU and behind large boxes of items that are suspicious (Hey look! There’s a SAW Board Game!) … you never know 🙂

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21 November 2009 Toys 18 Comments


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