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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Don’t Blow A Gask-It’s!

The France promo of Gask-Its was a bear and a pain. You could only order one to an address and it seems after a couple months, they ran out of Gask-its and replaced it with Faux Wheel Drive … but if you got the official Gask-its from France, it looked like this and its official baggie …


“Albert Hinkey” was kind enough to send us photos of his Gask-Its that just arrived … (from Hong Kong – is that the Italian Riviera?)


Manahah isss henisgttt bubbbleloooos raaattssssppp …

What? I can’t hear you?

Did you say, “Yes, Albert, it’s a bit hinckey?”

Yes, you are correct, sir.

So, it’s not the official bag …

Back looks nice …


Front looks solid.

Front Close

Hey, you’ve seen one Creme Biscuit treat, you’ve seen and tasted them all, right?


The Side looks fine …


And yes, that bumper yellow does strangely trail off into black – it’s on the original MSOS version also …

Okay, you generally do not get one with a big gash on the roof but you get too close to Chick Hicks, he’s liable to clunk you on your roofline.

(Is that a CHASE – Chick Hicks with a metal pipe that reads Gooloolly?)

At least it’s Gask-Its and not Single-O’s … the cookie to have when you’re dining alone 🙂

You know their slogan – “When you’re sad and lonely, eat the whole bag!”™

The date code of the French promo Gask-Its I have is 0619EA.

“Albert Hinkey” says his reads 0729EA or made about 2 weeks later?

Anyone have a verified French promo one (with baggie) that does not read 0619EA? 10 days is not much of a wide swing in production of these so “Albert’s” could have been made during the same run – just got rejected for being too obviously flawed BUT as others have said to me, they did not exactly do a Sigma 6 on these – people have been complaining the official ones with baggies have production anomalies.

So, let me know what you have as a production code and we can determine if that’s an indicator – do they all have production date codes of 0619EA with the official baggie or is there a date range – making IDing leftovers more difficult? Thanks.

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