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Disney Consumer Products & Disney Stores Diecast CARS Set Contest!

We know you’ve eyed this ginormous set at the Disney Stores and wonder how you can hide it from your significant other to sneak it home … 🙂

Now you can win one FREE courtesy of Disney Consumer Products and the Disney Stores!


You may enter once every 12-hours.

Enter in the COMMENTS below.

Write in your favorite Disneyland-Disney World memory*

*(or any Disney international resort-theme parks – Paris, Tokyo, or Hong Kong)

Can be long or short – an esteemed panel will pick 10-20 of our favorites and then we will activate the randomizer to give away FREE not one but TWO of these fabulous sets of 1:43 scale diecast metal CARS cars!

Make sure your contest entry starts with the words CONTEST ENTRY so we can tell it apart from your general random comments 🙂

Contest starts RIGHT NOW and ends at 11:59 PM PST Sunday, November 15, 2009.

WOC Close

Better bring your storytelling A game … 🙂

These 1:43 Disney Store CARS are not only huge but old-school solid hunks of metal diecast … Wall-E will be digging these out of the ground in a couple hundred years 🙂

It’s the 20-CAR box set – even the box design is nice …

Box Bottom

The hard plastic covering is held down by three flaps which you can open to remove the top covering and still have the nice base to display all the CARS.

Back art
Back cover showing all the CARS that are in the set including the hard to find Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

The scale is about 1:43 … it’s hard to get a direct comparison without opening the box itself but here is a Snot Rod I have along with the Mattel 1:55 Snot Rod so you can get a sense … about 30-35% wider, longer & taller.

Snot Rod

Thanks to Disney Consumer Products & the Disney Stores for such a great prize!


And good luck all!

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7 November 2009 Retail 154 Comments


  • Monica says:

    Two memories about of lost kids at Disneyland:

    My little brother was probably about 4 at the time, we turned around and he was gone. Of course my parents panicked and we were running around yelling for him. We were so worried that he would be scared and upset, poor little guy. After searching for a while we decided to check the lost children area and there he was, happy as can be, coloring.

    Another time I was at Disneyland with my husband (before we had our little guys). We were standing near a little pond area close to Big Thunder Mountain where water spurts up here and there. There was a little boy standing near us, watching the water too and giggling, cute little guy, all of maybe 2. I though he belonged to a young couple sitting on a bench near us, but they eventually got up and walked away. I asked him where his Mommy was and he looked around worriedly. I told him it was ok and I would help him find her and held my hand out to him and he smiled and took it. We were walking with him to find the lost children’s area and ran into Brer Fox and I asked the cast member with him where to take the little guy. She said no problem, she would take him and held her hand out to him, and he took off running! Although he never spoke a word, I have never forgotten his cute little face.

  • BooMobile says:


    My favorite Disneyland memory was when I went on splash mountain for the first time.
    I had no idea what the ride was about,so I was pretty worried.When I got in the ride
    and entered the cave with all the animated characters,I thought this is a kiddie ride.

    But when we came down the first drop,I said oh yeah!I got all exited when we were about to do the biggest drop.This was a very happy moment until I got wet.That ended it there.
    When we came out of splash mountain,I cried because I was wet.That’s my contest entry.

  • John in Missouri says:


    I just want to say that one of my favorite memories was reading around 70 or 75 stories from our Take5 friends on their trips to Disney Land / Disney World. Those are some amazing places with some amazing memories!

    Thank you Walt, Met, Tiz, Disney Consumer Products, and the Disney Stores!!

  • louiseuk says:

    contest entry.

    I was never lucky enough to visit disneyland as my mother struggled on her own for years when my father passed away, My dear old mum still feels guilty for this, I am at the moment saving so my mother can take mine and my sisters kids and give them the memories that she so wished she could have given me and my sister. Also my mum is the biggest disney fan herself, as she keeps saying disney has a magic that modern characters and films dont have.

  • Marsha Jones says:

    Several years ago we had the opportunity to have breakfast with Santa at Disneyland. We went with a bunch of friends and had a blast! The event was well planned out and gave the kids a unique chance to visit with Santa.

  • Cathy W. says:

    My favorite was at Disneyland many years ago. Jaws attacked the tram (on my side of the tram). My kids loved it. I nearly fainted! Awesome time!

  • gargan123 says:

    Contest Entry

    I have been a Disney fanatic all of life and still am at age 50. I collect Disney figures and have an extensive collection. As a kid in the 60s and 70s I always dreamed of going to Disneyland or Disney World, but the closest I ever got was the ViewMaster reels that my parents got for me. I must have looked at them thousands of times.

    In 1981 I was touring as a keyboardist for a gospel group and we happened to be in Florida and decided to go to Disney World since we had a 4 day layover between concerts. This was long before there was an Epcot Center, MGM Studios, etc. The only attraction back then was the Magic Kingdom. I couldn’t sleep the night before knowing that I was FINALLY going to be able to fulfill my dream. I made the others in my party crazy because I was acting as a tour guide because I knew about every ride and attraction from years and years of looking at the Viewmasters. It was one of the best 2 days of my life!

  • Ryansdad says:

    Contest Entry

    My girlfriend bought me tickets for Disney for my birthday back in 2001. She loves Disneyland (world) like a little kid, and I guess her gift to me as much as a gift to herself. So we flew down to Disneyworld in Florida in early September and had our first official trip to Disney together cut short by terrorists. I mean we are in the Happiest place on earth and we are being evacuated. The next few days were spent on the phones trying make sure all the family back home was safe. I have an Aunt who works on Wall St and was on the PATH train when the first plane struck the towers. She was able to make her way back home sometime around midnight that night. The walk out of the park was surreal, it was very orderly and none of us had a clue as to why we were leaving. We had our suspicions that it was some kind of terrorist event and that they were trying to disperse large crowds. I still remember making eye contact with an elderly woman on our way out of the park and she was crying and telling me the World Trade Center was on the ground. I didn’t believe her until I got in the car and we heard the same voice talking on every radio station on the dial. Everything around the park was shut down for the rest of the day. No place to eat nothing to do to try and take your minds off of what has just happened, just us in our hotel and the television.

    I remember hearing my parents and grandparents talk about how they know exactly where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was assassinated and when we landed on the moon. Until 9/11 I couldn’t relate something in my lifetime with that kind of power. We were sitting down in Animal Kingdom waiting for the Tarzan Rocks show to start when at 10:45 Am we were asked to exit the park.

    Sorry for the long prelude but my best Disney World experience was when my WIFE and I went back to finish our vacation from 2001 with our almost 2 year old son in 2007. Just watching his face and the joy and wonderment of it all still chokes me up.

    I am now looking forward to my next best Disney World experience when we take Ryan and his little brother Cole back to Mickeys house so I can relive the joy of watching another son of mine seeing it all for the first time.

  • avengr15 says:


    my favorite Disney World moment was when i took my son to the back of the MGM studios park to where they have the life size Lightning and Mater on display for photo opportunities.

    i had bought for my son the three pack of pullback plastic cars, LMQ Sally and Mater. the line for photos was so long, i let him open up his new toy right there on the street and he was so excited he grabbed them and was running around to each kid on the line saying ” i got lightning mcqueen, i got mater!!!!! aaahhhh!!!”

    he was only 25 months old at the time. so his english was very rough, but he knew how to say his Disney Cars character names at a VERY young age!

    Cutest thing i’ve ever witnessed!

  • William Gibbs says:

    Entry No. 1!

  • Marsha Jones says:

    My very favorite memory was taking my daughter to meet Mickey for the first time. There was quite a long wait getting into his house, and there was a lot of noise with so many people. They took a few of us at a time into a private room to meet Mickey. As soon as we stepped through the door, everything changed. There was a hush that fell over us, and it truly felt like a magical moment. It’s something that I’ll never forget, and remember it everytime I look at our photo.

  • Dustin says:

    Contest Entry:

    At Disneyland I was riding the jungle cruise and I got the boat driver to sing Lonely Island (fet. T-Pain) – I’m on a boat!!!! It was when everyone was boarding and he sang a few lines it was awesome

    sorry didn’t mean to spam but it was for the contest =/

  • Dustin says:

    At Disneyland I was riding the jungle cruise and I got the boat driver to sing Lonely Island (fet. T-Pain) – I’m on a boat!!!! It was when everyone was boarding and he sang a few lines it was awesome

  • Tracy Kelly says:

    Contest Entry:

    I don’t know if this counts or not. We were planning our trip to Disneyland in Florida. My son, Logan, is four years old and has Asperger’s Syndrome (a type of autism). He had all his Cars lined up on the porch and would chime in excidedly with what he wanted to do when he got there.

    All of a sudden he came over and laid his head down on my shoulder and sighed “It’s good to be us, Mom, isn’t it ??”

    *tears* It kind of puts it all in perspective 🙂

  • JPK says:

    I hadn’t been back to Disneyworld since I was 7. Like a rite of passage, now it was time to take my kids who were 4 and 6. As you know traveling these days is kind of a hassle, especially with two little ones in tow. By the time we made to our hotel everyone was exhausted so we went to bed early to get a jump start on our day at the Magic Kingdom.

    The day there itself is worthy of a story on its own, but I will summarize it with my wife’s tears of joy when she got to ride the Tea Cups with our 4 year old daughter and I even rode Magic Mountain with my son who has all of a sudden become an expert of roller coasters. It was an extremely full day and we were all exhausted. As we were leaving the park, waiting in line at the monorail, my four year old daughter looked at me and said “Dad, this was the best day of my life!”

    I am 6’2″ 280lbs and consider myself a man’s man, but when she said that, I pretty much broke in tears like a little school girl! It was one of those “payoff” moments that parents don’t get enough of, but at that very moment, it also become the best day of my life!

    John P. Kelly


    When I was a sophomore in high school, my concert choir was invited to perform at Epcot Center as part of Disney’s “Magic Music Days” summer event. After months of fundraising, the whole choir got on a plane for a long weekend spent in Orlando. The entire trip was a blast, of course. We spent a couple of hours each day rehearsing for our performance, and the rest of the days were spent wandering the Disney parks and some other local attractions.

    When the day of our performance arrived, we piled off the bus at Epcot in the early morning with a plan. We were going to perform on an open-air stage at 2:00, so we could enjoy the park until 1:00, and then we had to meet near the stage to warm up and change into our formal wear (yes, we were THAT kind of choir). We all split up for the morning, and at about 12:30, groups of us started to trickle back to the meeting place.

    At about 12:45, it started raining. POURING. The kind of spontaneous afternoon downpour that Florida residents take for granted, but seemed like a freak weather phenomenon to a group of teenagers from Indiana. We all gathered under an awning while we waited for the rain to stop, and as the rest of the singers arrived, we all ended up huddled under that awning, watching it come down. “Don’t worry,” our director said, clearly worried herself. “These showers stop as fast as they start. As soon as it’s over, we’ll head to the stage.”

    1:00 came and went without a break in the rain. Then 1:30, 1:45, and 2:00. We clearly weren’t going to perform at Epcot Center that year.

    Then one of the seniors spoke up. “All right, everyone!” she said. “We’re doing Fa Una Canzona!” She hummed a starting pitch, then started singing the first song from our set. The song started off haltingly as people figured out what was going on, but soon we were all singing with gusto. When we finished the song, the other people gathered under the awning applauded.

    Our director took over. “Ok! Let’s keep going!” she said. She gave us a starting pitch, and we launched into our next song. We performed our entire concert in the rain under an awning at Epcot Center, partly for the small crowd seeking shelter from the rain, but mostly for the sheer joy of the music. When it was all over, our director felt really bad for us because we didn’t get to perform at Disney World, but I think she was wrong. I can’t imagine a better Disney World concert than that spontaneous performance in the rain, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

  • Ka-Chow says:

    Contest entry:

    Growing up I dreamed of going of to Disneyland, but my mother could not afford to take my sister and I to the happiest place on earth. As a little kid I did not understand how hard it was for my mom as a single parent. I just thought she did not want to take us. As I grew older, I realized what our “economic” situation was really like and it wasn’t that she did not want to take us….

    I was lucky enough to go back in the early 90’s as part of grad night with money I had earned while working part time. I had an awesome time! But it wasn’t as great as it was a little over two years ago.

    Moving ahead, My wife and I had the pleasure of taking our son to Disneyland while my wife was expecting our daughter. We did not only do it for the experience, but also to load up on “cars” stuff. You see, his 2nd birthday was coming up and the theme was would you guess it? Cars! So we drove over to good ole Anaheim.

    He was only going to be two years old at the time, but when we got there the look on his face was priceless! He had that look that I wished I had as a kid. But I am thankful that I was able to give him that! I guess you could say I was living the moment with him that I had wanted as a kid, and I thank god for that!

    But what I was really looking for to was the meet and greet with Mater and Mcqueen over at California Adventure. So I remember we exited Disneyland and went over to California adventure one hour before they were to be brought out. As the time drew closer, I had this feeling of hapiness but to a higher degree. I don’t know how to explain it, but those of you who are parents who have had the pleasure to share the same experience with your children probably understand what I am talking about. Finally the moment arrived and the area was ropped off and cleared of people. When both Mater and Lightning Mcqueen appeared in the distance, his eyes just lit up in and kept telling “look,look,look! It’s Ka-chow!” (This is how he refered to the cars characters at the time, and still does when he refers to Mcqueen, thus my screen name) He was so excited, so as I! He did get scared a little of Mater when they sounded of his horn. We took plenty of pictures! This whole “Cars” experience has been awesome!

    Later that night as we stood on Main street watching the fireworks show, most people admired the “show in the sky”, but I spent most of that time admiring my son’s face as he gazed at the show…awesome! Just plain awesome!!

    Sorry if it’s a little long, but I tried my best to keep the experience of our 1st visit as a family as short as possible.

  • John in Missouri says:


    My wife and I flew out to Los Angeles with her parents back in 1999 to visit her aunt, who was a nun in San Pedro. We decided to go to Disneyland, and at one point the women went their way, and my father-in-law and I went another way.

    He and I shared a ride on the Jungle Cruise. It was a pretty neat ride, but what made it so memorable was the college-aged tour guide. You could tell it was his 100,000th time doing the routine and/or his last day before heading back to school, as he totally made fun of everything while still sticking completely to his script.

    Deadpan dry-humor like “Ladies and gentlemen hold onto your pacemakers, I must warn you that an animatronic hippopotamus made entirely of fiberglass is about to shoot water at us…oh boy that was really scary wasn’t it folks. I hope the paramedics are available at the end of this ride”.

    I always wanted to see “The Tonight Show” but this trip to Southern California gave me more unexpected laughs than Jay Leno could have provided.

  • John in Missouri says:


    We spent several days in Orlando back in 1982 so we could visit Disney World. In the evenings we would come back to the hotel and relax in the pool.

    Except my Dad.

    He was in the game room plunking quarter-after-quarter into the Galaga machine. To this day when I see the arcade game — or even just hear it — it transports me back in time!

    (MET: The Galaga version on the iPhone is not bad for FREE … It’s not great but not bad).

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: The thing I like most about Disneyland/Disney World is their attention to detail. A couple of years ago, we went to Disney World. There is one memory that keeps coming back to me. It wasn’t any of the big rides or major attractions. It was a small detail that impressed me. The “Dinosaur” ride is very scientific looking as it purport to take you back in time to the era of the Dinosaurs. As you leave that ride, you are channeled down a pathway with very technical looking signs that warn you that you are leaving the “science facility” behind and would soon be entering the “commercialized” area of the park. The “commercialized” section looks and feels like a very typical small desert town tourist trap that sprung up on the outskirts of a science facility and is bent upon capitalizing on the “Dinosaur” name. The signage goes from very high tech to the look of rusty license plates. It was all very subtle and all very well done. Kudos to Disney for that fond memory detail.

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    Contest entry:

    Since I have never been to Disney land or world I will tell you about some of the things that I would love to do if I ever got to go there.

    The thing I think I would enjoy the most is seeing all the disney characters all over the place and getting pictures with them!

    Then there are also some awesome looking rides that I might try (of corse I would probably end up chickening out!)

    I have also heard that the hotels are amazing!

    I sure hope I get to go someday!

    (MET: See you June 2012 for CARSLAND opening day?)

    • Monica says:

      When you go for the opening day of Carsland, be sure to stop for an “autograph book” first thing so you have somewhere to put photos of you with the characters and record you memories of it all. Very fun.. Also, you should do a character meal since they all come right over to your table and chat, it’s such fun.

  • Mark B says:


    I loved going to Disney Land Paris a few years back and pretending to be French for the whole week!! we also had to wait 2 hours to meet Mickey and when we got there here went for a break 🙁

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: A few years ago, I attended a three day conference at the Anaheim Convention Center which is located next to Disneyland. The conference turned out to be a snoozer. After two days of propping up my eyelids, I decided to spend the third day at Disneyland instead. So I spent an entire day at Disneyland all by myself! Normally, you think of sharing these experiences with family and friends. But I had a blast doing it all by myself. Mostly, I visited and reminisced at the places I visited as a child. It brought back a lot of memories.

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: When I was a student at the University of Utah, I was accustomed to having professors and teachers who spoke English as a second language. One semester, I had a professor who really didn’t speak much English at all. The problem was that he was my English professor. To top off his inability to speak English, he was bullish and combative. The class started with 30 students but in the end, only five of us completed the course. The thing that got me through the final exam was the thought that as soon as the test was over, I was heading to Disneyland. Literally, five minutes after I turned in my paper, I hopped in the car and headed to the Magic Kingdom. A day and a half later I was standing in line to buy my book of tickets to Disneyland. Guess who should be standing in line in front of me! It was my non-English speaking English professor. I couldn’t muster the nerve to say hello so the timely coincidence remained my secret. I hope he had a good time. I certainly did!

  • Amy Reilly says:

    Contest Entry- I have to many favorite memories. I loved watching my children going on the same rides I did as a child and having them enjoy them as much as I did over 20 years ago. We loved the teacups, Dumbo, Peter Pan & especially It’s a small world. You sing it for weeks after you get home and it always puts a smile on your face.

  • djbennett22 says:

    havent been there yet but in a couple years i will cause im in the band and we all raise money for a few years then go to flordia,and actually play there in a perade! im the biggest bass drum as part of the cchs marching band

  • danrio says:


    I grew up in Buffalo, New York, and watched the early “Disneyland” TV programs (before color TV) on which Walt himself chronicled the progress of the new park he was building in California. This fostered my dream of going there, sometime, to see Tomorrowland, although in my pre-teen years, California seemed a world away. In December of 1967, courtesy of Uncle Sam, I found myself in Northern California. An army buddy invited me to go along with him on a visit to his Aunt’s place in Bell Gardens, not too far from Anaheim. An excursion to Disneyland was sure to happen! To make a longer story a bit shorter; after the sixth day of constant rain, cabin fever began to set in and we decided we’d make a run for Disneyland at the first break in the rain. The next day, we finally arrived at the waterlogged park, which, even under the circumstances, looked quite amazing! As the light of the sun broke through the overcast for the first time in a week, the color and spectacle of Walt Disney’s dream of his “happiest place in the world” became evident – until we arrived at Tomorrowland, that is. That section of the park was in upheaval, undergoing a huge remodeling. Amid the winter cold and damp and general turmoil, features had been dismantled or removed or just closed. I guess after 12 years of operation, some of it had already become “Yesterdayland”! I have been able to return to the park many times since then under far better circumstances and, each time, I recall how both happy and disappointed I was on that first visit.

  • John in Missouri says:


    My wife and I went to Orlando for a convention
    in 1999. Our time was limited, so even though we
    could not make it inside Disney World, we did
    kill some time by driving around the park, and
    even visited the fancy hotel where the trams
    yield to drop off and pick up tourists.

    Margaret and I were newlyweds with no kids, but
    our nieces and nephews received many gifts from
    us when we got back home, as there were many
    shops to browse in the hotel lobby. Talk about
    entertaining – we can’t wait to really go back!

  • jmularczyk says:


    I went to Disneyland with my wife when I was 25 for the first time. My whole life I saw the Disney logo which of course is the castle – I guess it’s Cinderella’s castle, I don’t know – well anyways it looks like a 200 room castle. So I was kind of excited to see the castle – you know walk around in it – go up to the top – eat dinner it – those kind of things. So without really saying much about the castle to my wife but having this grand vision of the castle in my mind, We enter the park I see the castle and I realize that it’s in miniture scale and I was totally duped. That was the first of many suprises that day. I’ve always been a roller coaster junkie so I thought that Disney was going to be lame. Far from the truth. That place and Disney World in Florida are truely MAJICAL. I can’t wait to take my kids. It’s the illusion that makes that place special.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Contest Entry??:

    in the 1970’s was supposed to go to Disney but never made it. While in California from NE Iowa visiting family, and airliner exploded and over Aunt and Uncles neighborhood, crashed nearby and rained down alot of stuff and took the fun out of going. Parents packed up and after roadblocks lifted, went home.

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: When I was about 3 1/2 years old I went to Disneyland with my parents and my new little baby sister. Just inside the entrance gate there was a “Mothers Care Station”. It was a place where mothers could change and feed their babies. But what really impressed me were the special diagonal parking lines painted on the street for “stroller parking” just in front of the care station. Mom let me “park” the stroller in between the lines just like Dad would do when parking the car. I felt so grown up! I spent the rest of the day looking for the special parking spots so that I could park the stroller. I could have cared less about the rides and attractions. I guess it was like the child who had more fun with the box than the toy that came in it!

  • Scott Roberts says:

    Contest Entry: My favorate moment and place at Disney World was the first time going to “It’s a small world.” Back then I even believed that dreams could come true.

  • Tipped Tractor says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: My best memory is from this past May. My family and I had spent a week at WDW Orlando and had gone to the Jedi Training Academy. My 4 year old son wanted SO bad to get picked to take part, but wasn’t selected. On our last day, we went back for one last shot. We were stuck at the back of the crowd so I held him up as high as I could. Not only did he get picked, but there is a part during the academy where Darth Vader comes out and all of the kids get to fight him. My son got to be the kid who used his “force” powers to push back the two Stormtroopers who had accompanied Vader. I know it is something neither he nor I will ever forget.

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: Several years ago, my company held a “Designer’s Conference” at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Disney World. Company Designers from all over the world were in attendance. The conference was amazing, mostly because of the participation of the Disney Staff. Disney Story Writers and Disney Designers came and spoke to us. One presentation talked about how you should never see anything under construction in any of the theme parks. He showed pictures of how they had disguised construction. Very interesting! But the most impressive thing that the Disney staff did was to invite us to visit their design studio. We took a bus ride to a very pleasant office building. Once we entered through the front doors, we saw the conference rooms where stories were “blocked out”. We saw the artist studios where characters are created. It was an amazing environment. At the end of the tour, our guests let us exit through the “back door”. To our surprise we were in the middle of the Epcot Center! How would it be to have that in your back yard! When I go out the back door of my office, I am in a parking lot!

  • John in Missouri says:


    I attended a convention in Orlando in August of 1999, and was able to bring along my bride of less than one year. We didn’t have time to actually visit Disney World, but when we went out for dinner one night, we ordered it to go, and headed over to see Disney World’s lights at night. We parked very close to Epcot, when there was a huge lit-up “2000” on top. We had a picnic in the parking lot, with those lights providing all the lighting we needed.

  • Tammy says:

    Contest Entry

    I remember being at WDW Magic Kingdom in the 70’s when I was about 3 or 4. I was skipping down Main Street USA imagining I was Alice In Wonderland. I remember my Mom telling my Dad “She’s Alice…”

  • Marni says:

    Contest Entry:
    We took my 2-year-old son Luke to Disneyland as a last “you’ll always be so special to us” gesture only 2 weeks before his little sister was born. We spent a joyous day in the park (followed by a second wonderful day in California Adventure) which included a trip to meet Mickey in his house. Luke is painfully shy and always has been, but he went straight up to Mickey and gave him a giant hug. Late in the afternoon, we got on the teacups ride. When the ride was over Luke got off, went out the gate, and started dancing in the middle of the street. He must have been dancing there for a good 20 minutes. I have never ever seen him so happy before or since. It was one of my favorite days ever.

  • PirateDad says:

    Contest Entry:

    For those of you who don;t know me, I am 6’2″ over 300 lbs, long hair, beard, very Pirate or Biker looking…. it is important to the story…

    So we are at Disney, and PiratePrincess is dressed as Cinderella, and PirateSon as Buzz Lightyear, when we came across Cinderella in the wild!! How exciting…PiratePrincess got a HUGE hug, and Cinderella bent down to PirateSon and hugged him and he actually asked for a kiss…she gently pecked him on the cheek and he turned bright red!!

    Well, I thought, if he can have a kiss, why can;t I, so I went over and asked if I could have a kiss, which is when she turned bright red and very skillfully said, “Prince Charming would not like that very much, now would he??” My wife was cracking up in the background which got everyone around laughing, which made me turn bright red!!!

  • applefinatic says:

    Hey like my new avatar??

  • nikko says:

    Contest entry.

    One of my most memorable memroy of Disneyland is when clair and I went to Disneyland california. We decided to try the grizzly playground. It’s basicly like a big tree house area with rope and wood bridges and rope swings and a bunch of fun activities to do. Well anyhow we were walking around this area and found a little cave and it was sort of dark and Claire didn’t want to go in. I said come on you big baby this is Disneyland it not scary. So I dragged her in. She is right next to me while we explore this little cave. In this cave there is a mold of a persons hand. I thought to myself this looks cool Im going to touch it. All of a sudden the thing light up and made a zapping sound. Im not going to lie to you I thought something had malfunctioned and something was happening. I ran out that cave for my life screaming and left Claire behind in the cave. She came walking out of the cave laughing her head off and said who’s the big baby now. And thanks for leaving me for dead. My response was I was scared and if you see me running you should have ran also. I will never forget this memory partly because she will not let me and it was a great moment at Disneyland.

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    I love all of these stories… they just warm my heart… I have been in such a bad mood, and after reading all of these, my mood has definitely improved!!! The engagement ones are so sweet, you can just feel the love pour out of them!! Thanks Met for a great contest!!!

  • BigMOCats says:

    Contest entry:

    Disney Memories: “It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small, world” over and over and over!!!

    • Flik'sFriend says:

      yeah… we rode that ride late at night, just as the park was getting ready to close… when I went to bed, that song played over and over in my head until I fell asleep about an hour later!!!

  • Murpheeie says:

    Contest Entry.

    I have been to all of the parks and I mean all as I love Disney. My son loves Mickey Mouse and is only allowed to watch Playhouse Disney on tv. My best memory is pretty simple. We went to Florida this summer and Alfie was only three. We went to visit Mickey and Minnie in their little house and when we got in there Alfie ran to Mickey and hugged him for ages and ages. He finally pushed himself back, looked Mickey square in the face and said “see I knew you were real!” I am crying now as I was then. Mickey then gave Alfie a huge hug and I could have hugged him myself. This to me is what Disney is all about. Alfie has the picture of the two of them by his bed and every night he wishes Mickey a goodnight. Oh to be young and innocent again.

  • Shelby says:

    Contest Entry:

    My best memory of Disney World is my family trip this past August. There were 10 of us including my boyfriend of 2.5 years. On the evening of Monday, August 17th, all of us were eating at the cafe near the castle. When we were finished, we walked towards the castle and were waiting in the rose garden area to watch the fireworks. Suddenly this man who works for Disney approached me and asked if I wanted my picture taken in the gardens with my boyfriend Pete. I said yes so we were pulled out to the end of the walkway, right in a perfect picture spot. As the fireworks started going off and the music was playing over the loud speakers, Pete got down on one knee and told me “You are the love of my life – will you marry me?”. I said “YES” and the thousands of people who were all watching, including my family, started yelling and cheering. The castle then turned teal, my favorite color, and it stayed that way during all the pictures that my family and the professional photographer took. My sister got the whole thing on video!

    We were given pins that say “Just Engaged” and my family were given ones that said “Let’s Celebrate”. We wore them the rest of the trip and were treated like royalty by the Disney cast members. The best thing about this is that my mom, dad, 2 sisters, 2 nieces, 1 nephew and my brother-in-law were all there to see it happen and be a part of it! It was the best day of my life!

  • Monica says:

    I agree, Mater looks very wonky and Sheriff looks awesome!

  • Mr. T says:

    Contest Entry

    My wife and I were dating at the time and we decided it was time to get out of town for a couple of days. We decided to head to Disneyland. Little did she know that in the weeks previous to our trip, I asked her parents for her hand in marriage.

    We left for the trip and I had it all planned out. As we made our way through Disney, hitting all the favorite rides and attractions, it was time to take a break – just happened to be in Toontown. We got a snack and sat in front of Toontown City Hall. The moment had arrived!! So the doubt started to creep in (not sure why) palms got sweaty. My wife looked at me and asked – are you doing ok? (I must have looked a little sick) That was when I got down on one knee and asked if she’d marry me. Of course she said yes!! Thank goodness and what a relief. The rest of the trip I was floating on air and it truly is the happiest place on earth! Now 13 years later, 3 beautiful girls (my wife and two little ones) and almost 200 diecast CARS – Disney holds a special place in our hearts.

  • Jim says:


    my memory,was at the Disney Blizzard Beach park, i was in the water play area, i was 9 at the time, their was this little bridge and this little stream of water, silly me, i never noticed the bridge fell flat on my butt, in the water and has a soaked little bottom. My mom and my aunt were laughing hysterically.

  • Chris says:

    contest entry
    It was just seeing my nephews face when he saw Goofy.

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: I have been blessed with an amazing memory of my early childhood. When I was about two years old, my parents took me to Disneyland. As you go in the front gate, you pass through a tunnel under a train station. Just outside the train station there is a beautiful garden of flowers. I remember stopping in front of the garden where my mother asked me if I could see Mickey Mouse. I looked and looked but I could NOT see him lurking anywhere in the flowers. A couple of years ago, I was looking through my parent’s photo album where I saw a picture of my mother and me taken at that moment that I remembered so well. And after nearly fifty years, I finally saw Mickey Mouse! His face was formed by the colored flowers in the garden. The entire garden WAS Mickey Mouse!

  • John in Missouri says:


    Big Thunder Mountain. We thought it was a kiddie ride, but after one trip we knew it was actually better than Space Mountain. As soon as we saw our white t-shirts glow in the dark (thanks to black lights) on the way up in the darkness, we knew how cool this experience was going to be. And then when it looked like we were going to hit the mountain before that dramatic drop — heck, we were Indiana Jones on his latest adventure!

  • Roswell says:

    ive never been to a disneyland 🙁

  • Jack says:

    Last Valentines Day, In the Magic Kingdom in front of the castle with my beautiful expecting our third child wife, our 8 year old Daughter and our 5 year old who was celebrating his birthday watching the fireworks display. My wife and I took the kids to Disney world in Florida for Presidents week. We went all out and stayed in the log cabins with the full dining plan. 
     Valentines day was our first night there.  I didn’t think  anything could ever top the first night, until the second. On Sunday night the Magic Kindom had extended late night hours. Open to at least 2:00 AM. After the whole day out, my son and wife were tired and were ready for bed at 9:00. My 8 year old princess and I were not. 
    So Father and Daughter went on a date. We took the ferry from fort  widerness to the Magic Kindom and her and I spent the next 4 hours falling more in love. I well up when I think about it. If anyone has a better story then a man getting to spend a night in the magic kingdom with just his 8 year old Daughter then you have already won a much bigger prize. I know I have.  Contest Entry.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    And yeah – That’s him in the avatar above… I still have him… And when I get a chance, I will get him to pose with Kiki-monkey who is currently keepin’ my lil’ girl Chase company in bed right now or somethin’… And she is fast asleep and I don’t want to wake her…

    And if we DO win… (That was a little assuming of us – Since all the other entries are really really sweet too)) … We would love to donate the gift to CARS CARES so that some lil’ boy or girl out there who really needs a lil’ pick-me-up can get it from Walt Disney himself…

  • buckland-blowouts says:


    Wait for it… Wait for it…

    Here it is.

    And don’t say i didn’t warn you, Dudes!

    I must have been eight at the time. We (My mom, dad sis and I) all headed to Disneyland. Great times were had by all. My hair was still blonde then and it was nicely parted to the left. My mom saw a good lookin’ waiter at breakfast time in the hotel restaurant and from that day forward my part lay in the middle ’cause it was different and trendy, just like that waiter. Go figure!

    I had brought with me at the time a French knock-off of the Mon-Chichi monkey dolls. They were called Kiki. and mine was a boy monkey that went everywhere I did.

    When we went to check out, my lil’ monkey-friend was nowhere to be found! Oh, the horror!!!!

    So we went to the front desk, told them my story and asked them tho keep an eye out for a stray monkey dressed in a corduroy jacket on.

    They took our information down – Room number – Whatever. And I hoped they would find him, as tears ran down my face.

    Now, to be honest, at that age, my take on days, months and years lacked a lil’ refinement. So from what I can remember, it must have been a good year or so later that…

    … In the mail came a package for me. Addressed to me. And as we all know, it is rare for an eight year old child to be getting anythin’ but birthday cards from the mailman.

    The package was wrapped in brown paper, and the return address was… Disneyland!!!

    What the!?!?!?!?!?

    I took a couple seconds to revel in the fact that Walt himself had sent something to me, and then tore into it the package as though my life depended on it!!!

    You will never guess what was inside.

    Nope. Not a lil’ Kiki monkey.

    It was Pooh. Winnie the Pooh.

    The letter attached explained that with all their efforts, the staff at the hotel were unable to find my “Kiki monkey”, so they humbly tried to replace him with a stuffed bear named Pooh.

    Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?!?!?!

    And that is why I will always love Disney.

    (The punch line is that when we arrived home from Disneyland, I found that lil’ critter-monkey stashed in a pocket somewhere or something, and never even thought of contacting that hotel to tell them to hold off the search… That indeed my lil’ guy was safe and sound and at home with his dorky eight year old master!!!)

    So there you have it folks… The winning CONTEST ENTRY.

  • Lorri says:

    Contest entry
    I can see what Im up against. This is a true story.
    My brother , my husband (boyfriend at time) and I went to Disneyland in about 1989. We were in that House, I think its the haunted house, the one where you go in the circular room that sinks down. We are packed in like sardines. Suddenly there is a very foul odor. You know when all of a sudden everyone stops talking but you started to say something loud over the din? Well my brother had just belted out “Who Reefed?” quite loudly just as the silence set in. Longest minutes of my life!!!!
    Sorry not very sentimental but thats always the first thing I think of about Disneyland.
    The end.

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      So I guess it was you then, who”reefed” as it were?


      Still LMAO, Dude-Lorri-Dude!!!

      I remember reefin’ at work in the kitchen only to turn around and see my boss behind me…. Shakin’ her head in disdain!!! LOL!!!

      I hope everyone else pipes in with reef stories!!! They make me laugh!!!

      • Lorri says:

        Nope it wasnt me. Mostly there were a bunch of really old people in there with us.
        Almost crying about your work story.

        • buckland-blowouts says:

          Well I work in a restaurant, right…

          Once I reefed a real doozie, and the boss came in: What’s that smell?”

          I said: “I think there must be a dead mouse somewhere in the dinning room or something”

          And for the next hour or so he must have checked and turned every rock in the place lookin’ for it!!!

          (MET: So, that’s where your son learned, “Wasn’t Me!” 🙂 ).

  • tanya says:

    Contest Entry
    My memories of Disney..

    1987 I was 12 years old, visiting my father that I hadn’t seen for years and celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding annivery. It was my first time out of the state of Ohio. Going to Disney World was like a dream for me, and in a way still is. “It’s a small world” was awsome and the 3-D movie was my first and only one I have ever seen, I can’t remeber what the movie was but I was so consumed by the 3-D and just so amazed by it. The best ride was Space Mountain. I hated the stores everthing was so expensive but my dad bought me a sweat shirt anyways and we watched the parade. I remeber walking down the brick paved road it was the first time I had ever seen bricks laid down for a road…and wondering if I would ever see it again…

  • piston cup junkie says:


    the best memory of disneyland was getting stuck in “it’s a small world” with my girlfriend whom i was fighting with ….. nothing is like being stuck with that music looping loudly for 90 min with someone who i would rather throw overboard.

  • mia, tia and njm says:

    Making memories to last a lifetime has always been important to me. A family vacation in 1973 included a trip to Disneyland. The day we went it was cold, cloudy and drizzly so we wore our winter coats (being from Kansas, we had them with us). The park was almost empty–we had it almost all to ourselves. No lines, no waiting and every ride was open. We had the best time as a family, laughing, running from ride to ride, enjoying the indoor attractions as a brief respite from the drizzle. We got separated at one point and after seeing the Dancing Waters(he in one area, me in another) my husband and I met up with only two children in tow. We found our oldest daughter sitting on a bench outside patiently waiting for us. She still talks it. The girls all loved It’s a Small World the best. I can still hear them singing along.

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    Contest entry…
    2 years ago at the bright young age of 36, my sister and her family invited me to tag along on their annual vacation. The ultimate destination… DISNEYLAND!! I had waited my whole life to go, but first had to endure the visits to my brother-in-law’s family…. but it was worth it! It was about midnight when we pulled into LA, finally got checked into the hotel and settled in, but I couldn’t sleep a wink. At 5 am, I was the first to shower and get ready. I wasn’t a bit quiet, it was time for everyone to be awake, we had places to go and Mickey to meet!!!! FINALLY, everyone was ready and we headed out the door. Our hotel was about a mile from the park, so we walked. Each step closer, I could feel the lump in my throat get bigger… We got through the gates, rounded the corner to Main Street USA, and I saw the Castle. My sister stopped and turned around to look at me. She had tears running down her face, I had tears running down my face, and she said to me, “Welcome to the happiest place on Earth” and hugged me. Without missing a beat, my 11 year old nephew said, “Well if it’s so happy, why are you two bawling like babies?” We laughed, dried our tears, and spent the best four days of our lives together! Trip #2 is planned…

  • Monica says:

    Contest entry:

    Since I have lived in Southern California all my life, I have been to Disneyland many times, at least once a year for the past 38 years or so. My earliest memory of Disneyland is watching a puppetshow with a bull singing “Besame moooooooooocho” to a cow and later that day seeing Jose Feliciano singing and getting up and dancing with my cousins, I was probably around 4. Went for Grad Night and saw Wang Chung and I remember riding the Skyway with my friends, it was bittersweet as we were all going our separate ways, but all so excited about going off to college. As a college student, going there for the first time with my future husband for my birthday and discovering he was just as much of a kid at heart as I am. But my favorite memory of Disneyland so far is taking my little boys there for the first time and sharing the experience with them, seeing the wonder on their faces, watching them have the time of their lives with their little cousin, just like I did as a kid with my brother and cousins, nothing better. My second favorite memory of Disneyland was the time we went and they were finally tall enough to go on Space Mountain and some of the other bigger rides, they were on cloud 9, it was like a whole new park for them.

    But the best is yet to come, Carsland, woohoo!

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    Contest entry:

    I was watching TV and a commercial came on about Disney land. After it ended I was thinking about how much fun it would be to go there! But alas, it has not come to pass yet! 🙁 But I always try to remember that sometimes the anticipation of something is better than the thing itself! (It is hard to think of that in this case though)


  • mamacollector says:

    Contest Entry:

    We try and venture to Disney World about once or twice a year. I can honestly say, this is one story I will never forget. At the time, our son was about 2 1/2 and most of our time was spent standing in line to see the various Disney characters. Of course, Toon Town in the Magic Kingdom is the jackpot of all Disney’s timeless treasures. On this particular day, the line to see Pluto, Goofy, and Daisy was about 15 minutes and the line to see Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle was about 40 minutes. Obviously, we got in the shorter line. Once we finished, our son said he wanted to see the Princesses. We tried to talk him out of it but he easily persuaded us to stand in the long line. After numerous “get back here” and “stop touching that,” we finally made it to the front of the line to see the princesses. Needless to say, we were the only family with a boy in line as the lady controlling the line led us and 4 other families into the princesses’ room and closed the door. I decided to stand on the other side of the room to take pictures and out of no where, my son runs across the room laughing and shouts “mama I farted.” As I looked around the room with embarrassment, everyone was laughing and smiling………even the princesses.

  • PCC says:

    Contest Entry: Back in the 90’s, I worked for the Disney Stores. It was perhaps the best job I ever had. I was known for two things: one, I was the “King of Plush Mountain”…I was *the person* who knew how to make a beautiful plush toy presentation, and taught many a Cast Member the art; two, I was an entertaining greeter, using a Simba puppet to delight our guests. One day, I was called into the district manager’s office. I had inadvertently broken a rule, and was informed I was to be terminated. I was devastated.

    Soon after my termination, I visited my family in Oceanside, CA. As usual, I made my yearly pilgrimage to the mecca known as Disneyland. There I made a short video with my sister. While I stood in front of a nondescript background, she asked me, “You’ve just been fired from the Disney Stores. What are you going to do next?” Cut to me standing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle where I proclaimed, “I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!”


  • PirateDad says:

    Contest Entry:

    One of favorite things about planning a trip to Disney, is how is magically makes the kids behave like angels! And of course, when they don;t, one simple word makes them remember their manners….DISNEY!!!

  • Amy Reilly says:

    Contest Entry- My favorite Disney moment was the Halloween Party. I loved celebrating with my family and the Disney caracters who were everywhere. Even a dance party. I also loved the parade and fireworks.

  • Tammy says:

    I remember being at WDW Magic Kingdom in the 70’s when I was about 3 or 4. I was skipping down Main Street USA imagining I was Alice In Wonderland. I remember my Mom telling my Dad “She’s Alice…”

  • gipsy_02 says:

    Contest Entry:

    I have been 12 or 13 years old when we went to Disneyland in Paris. It has just opened that year. I really loved it and of course I wanted to take some souvenirs with me as well. I fell in love with two soft toys. One was a little dalmation and the other one was bambi (is it also called like this in English???). They were very expensive and my mother told me i would have to choose between them, because she could only afford one of them. Well, you can imagine I was sad, but I chose the little dalmation. so we went to pay this one. When we stood in the line to pay I looked around and saw some paper on the floor. It was a 200 Franc bill. I picked it up quickly and smiled at my mother and told her that now we can afford bambi as well. Quickly I went back to take it with me as well.

  • Will says:

    Contest Entry:

    My favorite time when going to Disney World is when I went to Chef Mickey’s. I was able to meet all the Disney chefs there,and had good food. It was a really good time, and had a blast there.

  • Joseph says:


    Is when I went to disney for the first time.When I saw lightning and mater in the parade.That’s when I started buying the diecast.All I need is apple i car.

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    What if you have never been to Disney land or Disney world??!!!

    (MET: That’s a story … or what would you like to see first? Well, besides the tram ride from the aprking lot 🙂 ).

    • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

      yep, I suspect there are a few, including me. Didn’t hold me back from trying though!

    • PirateDad says:

      Contest starts RIGHT NOW and ends at 11:59 PM PST Sunday, November 15, 2009.

      You have a week, Git R Dun!!~!

    • StefCars says:

      I would like to apologize for being so rude in my reply. Someone just pointed out that the reply after my post was not a reply to me. I orginally thought someone was suspecting me of inventing stories just for the sake of participating in the contest and i obviously reacted too promptly and very badly. i owe excuses to this community, to Take Five A Day and to the writer after me. WALT DISNEY was for me a truly magic moment, one i will never forget, the best trip of my life. i wanted to share some of those magic moments with you and i was really hurt to think that someone would doubt my integrity.

      If Five A Day wants to remove me as a member of this community or remove me from this contest, i will fully understand. this behavior is not acceptable. i learned my lesson. next time i will think twice before reacting to posts in forums.

      i hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

      • dlmcqueen says:

        I can only speak for myself of course, but I forgive you completely. But then I knew right from the beginning that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

        I mean it’s not like you committed a serious offense like posting “First!” or anything. 😀

  • StefCars says:

    Contest entry :

    The second time I went to Walt Disney World in Florida was my first as a father, a father of a cute little girl. As I entered in the theme park the Magic Kingdom, I asked my wife to wait with my precious outside of the park a few minutes. I entered alone and prepare myself for her entry…

    I was speechless! I saw my girl’s eyes full of joy as she yells enterring the park but there was much more…

    I saw 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 other hysteric kids entering with a croud of parents following them. That was truly a Magic Moment…

    Could you believe, because of the emotion, I forgot to take that on camera so, I don’t have any souvenir of that unbelievable moment… I now thank God for my tremendous memory as I close my eyes and see the Magic face of the most precious thing I got in life… MY little Cinderella.

    Thank you very much for sharing that great feeling with me…


  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Contest Entry:

    My finest memory of Disneyland would be the little advert you get for it before any old Disney film starts. I used to dream of going there just to get the Micky Ears. Well, I have never been. Sort of promise my son and daughter we will take them though, and I intend to follow through with this.

  • applefinatic says:

    I cant darn ive never been to disney land!

  • babychristianscars says:

    Nice contest but I’ve never been to disney.

    Love reading the memories though.

  • Unimog says:

    CONTEST ENTRY: When I was a teenager, my family spent Christmas vacation at Disneyland. We drove our old camper to Anaheim and stayed in campground next door to the park. My Grandparents accompanied us on the trip. We would spend Christmas day in the Magic Kingdom, but on Christmas Eve, we celebrated the occasion the best we could in our cramped camping quarters. My Grandmother suffered from Alzeimers, but on that evening, she was very lucid. Since she was born in Germany, we asked her to share something from her childhood. She tied a dish towel around my Grandfather’s waste like an apron. She tied another over her head like a scarf. And then, the two sang and danced an old German song that apparently they had practiced together when they were very young. That was the only time I ever heard them sing and dance like that. The next day the Disney ride “Its a Small World” made me cry.

    (MET: I have something in my eye, crazy computer monitor allergies …).

  • John in Missouri says:


    My first time I went to a Disney Park was when I was 15 and we flew to Orlando to visit Disney World (first time ever flying!). Space Mountain was the coolest ride I had ever been on, and my sister and I thought the video camera / TV image as the ride started made us movie stars.

  • nikko says:

    Contest entry : my most favorite memory of Disneyland is sort of a combination of multiple trips that ended up leading to the best memory. It is true that disneyland is the happiest place on earth. When I first starting going out with my girlfriend Claire. The first thing I wanted to do was go to Disneyland with her. We had a blast and before I knew it we were going at least once a month so I had to get a season passport for us . I was then tricking her everytime I visited her in San Diego. I would tell her let’s go to the store to buy some groceries and an hour and a half later we are pulling into the micky and friends parking lot. Don’t worry Im getting to my favorite memory I promise but I had to build the story to get to the climax right. So after a while she would get smart to my little plans of going grocery shopping and it just became a monthly thing. So one day I woke up and knew she was the one for me. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I planned out this very nice trip to Disneyland. When I first got to San Diego was so excited I couldn’t sleep that night I knew I was going to pop the question in about 20 hours or so. So then next day i woke up extra early as I always do to go look for Disney cars at walmart and target. After my run around the stores I woke her up and we got ready. This time I did not trick her into going
    to Disneyland. I told her straight out we are going to Disneyland. So off we went and the ring was with me in my pocket stuck to me like glue. My plan was to ask her at night under the castle while the cast member took our picture. So mind you this ring is burning a hole in my pocket and I really want to give it to her. It’s about 9:30 at night and we are having dinner at the blue bayou. We sat down to eat and I looked at her in her eyes and knew i wouldn’t make it for the pictures. I looked around me and knew it was the time but I didn’t want to do the one knee thing. Don’t get mad at me ladies. I know it it would have been more romantic but my heart was beating 10000 mph and I thought I was going to pass out and I felt everyone would stare at me if I did it that way. . So I asked if she loved me and when she said yes I pulled out the ring out of my pocket and plopped it on the table and said will you marry me. The answer I got from her at first was not your average yes or no. It was a stair to my face and the words are you serious are you sure rolled out her mouth. Umm yes Im serious and sure and then she said yes. After she said yes she told everyone she saw the server and anyone else that would listen. Her mom her dad her friends. I think she spent the rest of the night calling people. I must say asking her to marry me at Disneyland was the best Memory I have of Disneyland. Ok Im done know ladies and gentelcars. Have fun and good luck to everyone.

  • BMW says:

    Contest Entry: First time visit to Anaheim Disneyland, as a teen, walking down main street and looking at all the buildings with their brightly painted exteriors. It felt like walking through the Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass, into a new world.

  • handoe213 says:

    Contest Entry: My favorite memory was getting on the Fantasyland Skyway at Disneyland. It was my first ride and i remember we had to give them tickets to get on the rides. I remember seeing the whole park from up there and wanted to just stay up there to keep looking and looking. The skyway is gone now but i remember it cause it went through the Materhorn mountain, awww the good old days.

  • Ron Craven says:

    Contest Entry: I got splashed squaw in the face by the jumping water at EPCOT Center when I was 12 back in 1984. Wicked good time!

  • driveshaft says:

    Contest Entry: My favorite memory as a parent was when I took my oldest son Chris (when he was about 4, he is now a Junior at the University of Florida)to Disney World and we went to see his favorite “Barney”. He was so excited to see him and all he wanted to do was give him a hug! If you could have seen his eyes during Barney’s show…it was very satisfying as a parent to see your child so happy!

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