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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: What Will You Chase in 2010?

The last of the 2009 CHASE CARS that you already know about …

(I think this is the right chronology of release)

Chase Next

But you say, what’s coming in 2010? Chase-wise?

Again, better clean some room as some of the ones you have long wished for ARE COMING.

Chase AfterThey are pretty much in alpha order other than Gold Bling Bling Rims was shown at SDCC so I’m presuming that one will be available first in 2010 … Basically, the CARS with an oil-can-like accessory means that’s the CHASE CAR with that accessory – clearly the Rust-Eze can is not going to be that big but that was a nice clean screengrab … and my guess is we are not actually getting that exact expression you see but rather the regular release with that accessory … with the exception of course – Fred with detached you know what … though if I had to guess, I would say it’s more of a *permanent* detached “look” versus actual detached … but of course, it would be more fun if we could detach and reattach.  🙂

So, send us snap of your new room additions 🙂

Here is the post with the full CHASE RELEASE & VISUAL CHECKLIST to now.

Remember to look for these non-lenticulars where your favorite lenticulars are sold.™

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