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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Toys R Us Big Book 2009 – CARS

The Toys R Us Big Book is out-coming … and it’s UUGGGGEEEE!

Front Page

There are two coupons on the front – one for November and one for December – $10 off of $100 purchase …

Plus if you spend $75, you also get a free $10 dollar gift card …

gift card
(The “Buyer Protection Plan” does not count towards your $75 minimum … in case you were thinking of getting that for your middle kid 🙂  ).


And if you buy $40 worth of Disney DVD’s in that “green” group below on the right, you get yet another $10 gift card so plan out your TRU shopping like a military operation – surgical strike into the clerks and minds of a TRU* … let us know how it goes.

Plus with the $1 lunch at Boston Market, you aren’t spending money, you’re saving money!

*um, not literally but you knew that, right?

So, the CARS DVD Ultimate Set is listed at $44.99 but does not seem to be part of the $10 gift card offer …

Oh yeah, there are also CARS items on sale – thanks for the heads up, SlicePie …

Cars page

Mater Tall Tales 4-packs are $17.99, the video games, a couple playsets are on sale … AND you get a cool looking Mater Tall Tales Car Toons backpack FREE with $25 dollar purchase so dig up the vault in the back yard – time to go shopping!

** Presuming the asterisk on the $25 offer means it only applies to CARS toys items and not the other 7,000 CARS items like candles, toothbrushes or portable generators.

Also note, the Big Book available at the stores will not include the two two coupon on the front page – it has to be one you get in the mail.

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