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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: TJ is Now a Hum-Dinger Size of a CAR

Part 2 of the Sarge Boot Camp box set review …

TJ had a little too much HGH …

TJ MiniHoly Houshmandzadeh!

TJ Side

He’s bigger than life now … properly meeeeggggaaaasssiiizzzzeeeeeeeddddddd.

TJ Stack
TJ and TJ Junior.

How does TJ stack up to the other BIG BOYS?
TJ Sven

No doubt, both H1’s …

TJ Sven Front
Or the recent Ambulance?

TJ AmbulanceOr the town folk?

TJ LMNext … to Lightning McQueen?

Or meep meep …

TJ Sven Guido

El Road Hog!

Yep, Guido is just about the volume of TJ’s tire …

TJ Guido Side
Good thing we’re not buying by volume or weight …

TJ GuidoHow many Guido’s to TJ’s … by weight or volume?

TJ Row
Comparo to the SUV’s of Sarge’s Boot Camp.*

TJ BackBackside comparison …

TJ BottomOffff, wrong angle of descent.

And in case you’re wondering why you arelly need like 5 Trooper/Axel Axelerators …


BTW, TJ is scheduled on megasize card if you want him but not the other CARS.

*And yes, Frank Pinkerton’s faceplate was installed upside down, anyone want to swap? 🙂

Sarge Boot Box

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