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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Richard Clayton Kensington SUV – Disappear Here

Richard Clayton Kensington SUV, can you put out a BOLO on yourself … or for old timers, an APB?

Kensington Motion Blur

Back in *Ought ’07* … I remember it like a ghost train through the night – ripping through the musky air of October like a devil through a bikini contest at Spring Break … a spectre and spectacle you ain’t every seen again.

Of course, I remember what he look like … he was big but not too big. He was as black as Pantone 4C and as white as the glossy white …

Kensington Rough

Yea, that’ the fella … what ever happened to him?


Don’t rightly know … all we have to remember him by are these snaps “Nikko” took by the river dam road where they say the dead rise up to meet the living …

No, I have no idea what that means, I’m just reading what the Outlet Mall sign says …

Kensington Side
Sometimes they say a man’s gotta go there … beyond the concrete and out there … to the great unknown … to find himself …

Kensington Back

And that’s when he’s ready to face the world, the demons and being just a number in this world … to face being rung up just like another store-bought product – scanned and then forced to follow the bidding of ‘the man.’

To be boxed in, labeled as megasize N … but man, we just don’t know sometimes.

It could be true or it could just be a false prophet (and profit).

But if you listen carefully, he might be back in time or he might in the stalks … still out there … still haunting us and haunting our dreams.

Mocking our insecurity with the words ‘security.’

I’ll be there today
With a big bouquet of cactus
I got this rig that runs on memories
And I promise, cross my heart,
They’ll never catch us
But if they do, just tell them it was me

Yeah I loved you all my life
And that’s how I want to end it
The summer’s almost gone
The winter’s tuning up
Yeah, the summer’s gone
But a lot goes on forever
And I can’t forget, I can’t forget
I can’t forget but I don’t remember what

Rum, licorice & Leonard Cohen are a powerful combo … hic …

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