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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Burnt To a Crisp Lightning McQueen (And Your Wallet)

Yes, Burnt Lightning McQueen the single is different than Burnt Lightning McQueen in the 4-pack.

Burnt Front 2

On the left – “owww, I’m hurt!” On the right – “aggghhannnrwooeee, I’m on FIRE! And not in a good way!”

Burnt Front 3
On the left, single card Burnt Lightning McQueen, on the right – 4-pack Burnt Lightning McQueen.

Burnt Front

“I’m burning, I’m burning for you …”

Thanks for the great pics, “Nikko.”

Burnt Back2

Of course, the backs are the same …

Match factory

Of course, the eye positions are different – and when you see them on the shelves, note that there will be variations from CAR to CAR since they are all hand sprayed … and as Nikko notes, they have the same production so for the real variant collectors, you will have to see if they accidentially swapped eye positions 🙂

Collect them all!

Checklist for Mater Tall Tales-Rescue Squad Mater CARS is HERE.

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