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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: No Stall In the First Stall

Megasize CASE K has arrived and first out of the box, No Stall Semi …

No Stall Card

Er, Collect Them All …

I think there’s another new CAR in the box but he seems to be in makeup so check back later 🙂

Meanwhile, Megasize CASE L has been canceled and the next case will be CASE M … And yes, the near mythical, fable-like Police SUV, Richard Clayton Kensington is almost certainly to be in it – there is a question of whether there will be two or three of him in the case … if they have come to their senses and are packing them sensibly or it’s back to the old tricks …

RichardBut we do not have firm word yet – it’s looking most likely it will be in case M but we also don’t know if it’s 2 or 3 in the case … so hang on loosely.


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29 June 2009 diecast, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 39 Comments


  • gabriel says:

    16 octane gain semi
    17 richard clayton kensington

  • gabriel says:

    15 ramone high n low
    18 t.j

  • kerner7777 says:

    can’t wait!

  • Flarf says:

    Does anyone know about Gil & Nitroade haulers? Target website’s been saying that they’re available in my local store for weeks, but no one actually has them. Maybe they did and they’re gone?

    • Shelby says:

      Target originally had them on sale on their website only. Everyone was psyched. Then came the dreaded email from Target that they were not going to be available and our orders were cancelled.

      They have remained on the website and have just had a place for you to ask to be notified when available. Just recently I, too, have noticed that it says they are available in our stores. What I think is that Target uses DCPI numbers for each item. All haulers, for example, have the same DCPI at Target regardless of whether one is Mack, one is Chick, one is King, etc. It doesn’t recognize the different types of haulers. So – it is my assumption that the store may have some of the older ones which is why it shows they are available. The newer ones like Gil and Nitroade aren’t out yet…

  • applefinatic says:

    i found trunk fresh hauler this morning at target and for the promotion in france does anyone know what car it is because ive already mailed it 2 france and i want 2 know who i will be recieving? Thank you Met 4 posting the address

  • L8rM8r says:

    Yeah my son likes this one, but I don’t think anything compares to Frank right now. It goes in the tub and was by the bed the other night. I am sure when we see this one on the pegs it will be a different story.

  • carsaddict96 says:

    It is about time that Mattel released Richard Clayton Kensington. He was originally scheduled with the Supercharged series!

    • BMW says:

      Remember the one RC Kensington that was in the Mattel CAAF auction case with Red Ransburg 1? Is this the same casting as that one or a new bigger casting? Its hard to tell from the pictures.

  • cac1959 says:

    3 Richard Kensington, 2 Octane Gain Semi, and 1 Frank or Sven would make for an awesome case… that I would order once again… Mattel knows how to make me buy them all (the Mega Size that is)…. now if they’d only do the same with the singles…

  • jestrjef says:

    Sweet. I hope they don’t make him TOO big or he will look like a moving Van compared to AXLE!! LOL

    • Samuel says:

      Ya know, Sven is built well and a really nice diecast piece, but my 3 year old is almost annoyed that he is TOO big compared to the other cars. Kids can be so picky – fine, I guess only dad gets to play with it then!

  • PirateDad says:

    Hang on loosely….that is not easy when you are as big as me!! More like cling for dear life…either way, come to PirateDaddy, Richard!!!

  • Seanus says:

    There’s being some Franks found in Australia. In fact, there was three here last week. Two now since the other was handed off to the cousin. ^_^

  • Roswell says:

    hmmm, thing is over here, singles are about £3-£4 and mega-sizes are £8-£9
    and i would be willing to pay the extra if im getting extra, like frank, elvis ect, which are much bigger than the singles,
    but isnt Richard only just bigger than a regular single?
    same with ‘high n low’ ramone, are people realy gunna pay extra for another ramone?

    also met, can you take a pic of all the hauler cabs and semi cabs together please…

    (MET: I did one a while back – I’ll update as we get a couple more haulers in … 🙂 ).

    • Samuel says:

      “same with ‘high n low’ ramone, are people realy gunna pay extra for another ramone?” ——> YEP!

      • Roswell says:

        your realy gunna spend £8/$19 (or whatever) on a character that you already have loads of, and a version that you already have, that just has some new wheels?

        • Blake from MN says:

          The answer would be yes just look at Bling Bling McQueen and Dinoco McQueen almost near identical twins with a few exceptions including different wheels.

          • Roswell says:

            i didnt get either…
            i dont even own any mcqueen

            • Roswell says:

              they have produced waaaay to many variations for me to bother with him:

              Lightening McQueen,
              Lightening McQueen w/ corrected bumper,
              Dinoco McQueen,
              Dirt Track McQueen,
              Cuisin’ McQueen,
              Radiator Springs McQueen,
              Bling-Bling McQueen,
              Bug Mouth McQueen,
              Tounge McQueen,
              Cactus McQueen,
              Tar McQueen,
              CHASE Stickers McQueen,
              Spin-Out McQueen,
              CHASE Impound McQueen,
              Lightening Storm McQueen,
              Night-Vision McQueen,
              Whitewalls McQueen,
              Tumbleweed McQueen,
              Muddy McQueen,
              CHASE Piston Cup Dinoco McQueen,
              Blu-Ray McQueen,
              Red Rangsburg McQueen,
              SOTS McQueen,
              Lenticular Lightening McQueen,
              Lenticular Radiator Springs McQueen,
              Lenticular Bling-Bling McQueen,
              All the Story Teller Mcqueens,
              All the Maters Tall Tales Mcqueens,
              and finaly…For-Some-Reason-Gold-Cruising Mcqueen!

              *Also they will probibly notice, then release corrected Dinoco McQueen w/ Corrected Dinoco Bumper in non Bling-Bling format…shortly followed by all the other Mcqueens with incorrect bumpers…thats alot of the same character!
              not even Darth Vaders had that many releases!

            • Hearseman uk says:

              Can agree with Roswell, I won’t be bothering with high n low Ramone, guaranteed they will come in all paint guises. I only get the mcqueens as and when they come into shops, made my own tar version but then argos got the original in so I bought it, although not seen cactus yet! However a toy shop had impound mcqueen appear so that was a bonus 🙂
              I avidly collect them but as in my area cars are seemingly rare & non existant, its as and when for me..very disheartening sometimes!!
              I also take big gambles..will wait for mini & van to come out as a movie moment before I buy, I can wait. see ya

              • Roswell says:

                yeah, im in worcestershire, and the only high street shop that sells cars is the entertainer and when i went in i couldnt find any anywhere!

                if they release a scared mcqueen ill get that to go with my frank 🙂

                • Samuel says:

                  Well they definitely mailed it in on some of these Mcqueen variations – I’ve never been impressed with tumbleweed (aka broccoli head mcqueen), tar, or bug-mouth mcqueen. Some, if not all, are really just very poor excuses to take advantage of suckers like me who will still repurchase them 🙂

                  • Roswell says:

                    it wouldnt matter so much if they were all diferent sculps, but most have that annoying grin, good job the newer ones have diferent expressions,

                    also, you would have thought they would have fixed dirt track mcqueens mouth and bling blin mcqueens wheels by now!

  • This was the original Case M assortment:

    (1) 027084707557 ELVIS
    (1) 027084707571 FRANK
    (1) 027084707724 HYDROLIC RAMONE
    (2) 027084716504 OCTAIN GAIN CAB

    …but Hydraulic Ramone was pulled back in January. Nobody knows if it will actually come out or not, and with the assumed add in of Richard Clayton Kensington, we can also assume that the remaining assortment will change as well.

    (MET: The perfect case scenario & in following the new packing scheme for Megasized would be: 3 Richard Kensington’s, 2 Octane Gain Semi’s, 1 Sven and 1 Frank or 1 Mack … but it might be too much to hope for so ;-/ ).

  • chuki_mama says:

    I’m hanging on!!! 🙂

    • MackDaddy says:

      …so hold on loosely, and don’t let it go. If you cling to tightly, your gonna loose it, you’re gonna, loose control!

      (MET: Exactly. Run serpentine, expect the unexpected and heads up!).

  • Monica says:

    …but don’t let go!

    OMG, finally Richard Clayton Kensington! Almost as exciting a Brian Antenna Ball will be.

  • Aaron and Jeanne from Joplin Missouri says:

    Sweeet!!! I wonder what else will be in there!!!??

  • AJ/Senor Ruiz says:

    Was there anything new scheduled in case L or just repeats?

  • chaisson says:

    FINALLY the security truck!!!!


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