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CARS CARES Newest Auction – Nathaniel B. Cars Care Racer

Here’s your newest chance to bid and win the great Nathaniel B. Cars Cares Piston Cup Racer …


3-Day eBay Auction LINK is here.

Good luck and help some kids and help yourself to this CAR! (Yourself as the neediest biggest kid of all) 🙂

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27 June 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 10 Comments


  • acuransx says:


    As I’ve told you, as soon as you get your Non-profit status I will forward your info to my upper management that handles Charities at Mattel.

    Mattel is a big supporter of UCLA Children’s Hospital ( My Original Watercolor was auctioned off in Hotlanta @ $425.00 with profits going to UCLA Childrens Hospital ) and we are a big part of Dream Halloween/Children effeted by AIDS Foundation as well. DarthMater went for only $10K last year:(

    Mattel generates thousands of dollars for Children’s Charity and I would love to be able to get Mattel behind this program one day.

    Maybe one morning I’ll hear the words “Cars Cares for Children” on Good Morning America. 🙂

  • moea525 says:

    Yes it has bid up high in a day. Amazing as for the kids is great as ther is no limit on a smile from a child in need. 😎

  • chuki_mama says:

    WOW!! 🙂

  • GOMATERGO says:

    Nearly $300 in just the 1st Day…..WHOOOHOOOO

  • Indykjt says:

    Thanks for the kind words Martin.

    For those children who aren’t as lucky as most to be in good health, or have to visit the hospital frequently, or have gone through any type of traumatic event in their life… THAT is what Cars Cares is for.

    The only requirements Cars Cares has is that the child be age 14 or younger, and as much detail as possible about the reason for the nomination. There is no income requirements, or only children in the hospital… as long as the nomination fits within the spirit of Cars Cares, a package WILL be sent!

    We just need people to tell us about these children! The only way Cars Cares can help, is if we know where to send the help. You can go to the Cars Cares website, and click on “Nominate A Child” to tell us!

    And again, I can’t thank Martin enough for his support and encouragement over the last several months. Big things are coming for Cars Cares, and he is a big part of why!

  • acuransx says:

    Ladies & Gentlecars,

    Helping sick children is very noble and the Cars Cares program is a great cause. I hope all of us realize how lucky we are to be in good health. Unemployment, 401k is 201k, car problems, all that is trival when it comes to our health/well being. I have two children myself and the thought of either of them being really sick just puts a knot in my stomach immediately.

    My bumper is off to Indykit who I have spoken to many times about his Cars Cares cause. I will support his program in any way I can, good luck, God Bless Kenvin T.

    Go Mattel/Disney/Pixar/Cars.

  • Indykjt says:

    Nate does incredible work… I have seen pictures of some of his other themed Cars, and they look awesome!

    Thanks Met for the auction shout-out… and good luck and happy bidding!!!

    There will be more way to win one of these racers in the near future, plus some other special items, and unique opportunities coming VERY soon!!!

  • jestrjef says:

    Sweet work by the PRO!!

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    I’m going to enter this while I’m thinking of a cool custom for Nate to make me

  • cac1959 says:

    A wonderful opportunity to help the Cars Cares program, and win a beautiful custom Car made by Nathaniel B.

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