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Disney Pixar CARS: Beware McQueen With Hair Shoes – Recalled!

I know these look like counterfeit but they are apparently real licensed products …

shoeAnd no, the crime isn’t against common design decency but that it’s that the tires come off and kids can choke on them …

So, you don’t have to admit you bought one of the 73,000 pairs here but please bring them back in a plain wrapper to WM.

“The children’s shoes were sold from September 2008 to this March in infant sizes 4 to 6 and toddler sizes 7 to 11.”

The Official Recall Notice.

The LA Times article.

Thanks Jeaks.

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18 April 2009 Advertising, Film, Internet, Marketing, Retail, Toys, TV 10 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Very funny visual. Looks like he is singing too.

    Will we see a chase Hairy McQueen in 2010?

  • juicepirate05 says:

    my kid has both these and the mater ones as well. he loves them and wont wear anything else. my kid is old enough not to put tires in his mouth so im not worried. i know they look cheesy but they are made for children to wear on their feet to funtionality over connoness.

    • camlgt says:

      Don’t feel like you have to justify it. I bought both lmq and mater the first time I saw them. Surprisingly enough he wears them just about every day and they have held up quite well except for the eyes coming off. Out comes the locktite and bam repaired. He has about grown out of them but still loves them, I am torn now return them to WM get my money back or just let it slide til they are to small and just throw them away. So for free shoes they were great, or for $14 for both of them they lasted longer then I expected either way I win.

  • rumbler74 says:

    I almost bought these for my kids! They would fall off of their feet quite easily and my kids could not properly walk with them so I did not buy them for them. Obviously poorly manufactured.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Great, just great, I suppose now we’ll have to wait another 20+ months to see these on the shelves again??? First Sarge, now this. What’s next???


    he shot the sherriff, but he did not shoot the deputeeeeeeeeeeey

  • PirateDad says:

    Yikes…Raasta MQ blows my mind and his tires…

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