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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater’s Tall Tales – Tokyo Mater Online at Disney UK

Scheduled for last week’s US airing but dropped mysteriously … but thanks to KnightRider’s sharp eyes – available online at Disney UK.

(click link or graphic below to be transported).

Those NOT in the UK will be asked if you’re absolutely sure you want to go to Disney UK – click on the left box and there ya go …


As for the disappearance of the airing last week? Probably they decided to package the three shorts and the 6-minute Tokyo Mater in some TV special to air during the sweeps month of May? Basically scrap together 5-6 additional minutes of interviews and or just run some upcoming Pixar movie UP featurette and you have yourself a 30-minute TV show that’s basically “free.” My guess.

Thanks for the heads up – KnightRider!

The first three CARS TOONS Mater’s Tall Tales have been collected into ONE BOOK called appropriately enough – Mater’s Tall Tales – coming out in August … click on the text link or below to pre-order from Amazon.


Actually seems like a good deal – 80 pages and a hardcover for $7.99 …

Maybe we’ll see a DVD-Blu Ray with the shorts collected … sounds like the perfect holiday DVD that kids and adults might just be watching a few hundred times … just on December 25th … 🙂


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