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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Walmart 8 Poster

This was an obscure poster available at the time of the WM 8 pallet (October 2007) for those who can remember back that far 🙂

Most people missed it – of course, after throwing 50 CARS into their cart, they would’ve missed the nude Olympian standing by the yarn section 🙂


But thanks to eagle-eyed ScoobyDoo (our reader, not the animated dog 🙂 ), it’s available on Amazon HERE at a very reasonable $6.99 plus shipping – most ebay sellers have been selling it for much more and there’s another Amazon seller who has it listed for $35 …

So, now that Wally Hauler is out (though with new look), you can re-create this poster at home! Though in the fine print if I were a cynic, I would have to add (some custom work required including mirrors for Kori and properly shaped cacti for McQueen … but only if I were a cynic 🙂  ).

They also have a couple other CARS posters:

Cars (Racing Group) Movie Poster Print


Cars (Racing Group) Movie Poster Print


Because with COUPON CODE – 5TAO522R … if you buy 3 posters from “Adam Hersh Posters,” you get the 4th (cheapest poster) free. So, er Collect Them All!

If you missed the earlier post about the new CARS book also available from Amazon … there’s also a link there to the WM CARS book from October 2007 (Al Oft &Sarge stories) so you can be all caught up. It’s like it’s October 2007 all over again – including the fact the only WM 8 CARS available are Cactus McQueen, Al Oft & Ghostlight 🙂


Thanks ScoobyDoo for all you do, doobie, doobie, do …

Happy shopping!

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  • jamarmiller says:

    I wish I could find the commercial on youtube or somewhere to download, I love all those Car Commmercials. I have found the 2 opel ones, the state farm and the at and t ones and love watching them

    they should have been on a DVD or something

  • Adam Hersh says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the link pointing people towards our posters on Amazon. When we first stocked this poster we started laughing at the blatant advertising of Walmart. I love how they make the truck look like a character that was in the movie. Hilarious use of product placement.

    And yes, this is the official licensed poster. Not a reprint of it.

    -Adam Hersh

  • Lorri says:

    My son has the bottom one on his wall. Yes, it is an odd size and doesnt fit a standard poster frame. If you mat it, it covers up too much of the poster. So it needs to be trimmed to proportions, put on top of a colored background and then put in frame. Too lazy to do it yet. You can get frames at Michael’s Craft stores. Or look for discounted ugly framed posters’ at mall shops and buy it for the frame.

    • iamspeed says:

      You know what? Walmart actually sells the correct size poster frames, measuring 22.375 X 34, for $9.99 They’re hidden in with the other poster frames.

      We bought 2 for the 2 CARS posters we have from WM and they’re a perfect fit.

  • racerguy says:

    I have that blue one with 9 cars on it… That was a long time ago at TGT…

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