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We’re Also Blogging at Acmeplex.com

Once upon a time TakeFiveADay.com (and TwoADay) actually posted about other topics besides Mattel Disney Pixar CARS (yea, hard to believe) but we have now cleaved the blog into two parts as we build our EMPIRE!


So, be sure and check out our other blog at www.Acmeplex.com … where we will talk about the 11% of worldly topics not related to CARS.


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  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Those are some LONG blogs you’ve posted there on Acmeplex. I didn’t really read them, though. I’m just a kid. Stuff about the Economy just bores me out! But hey, I’m a kid here! Go off and talk to an adult and see if they like the website. All I know is that TakeFiveADay.com is the COOLEST website for Cars info EVER!!!!! Chow!!

    (First Comment!! Kinda weird, because this was posted in February of 2009! LOL)

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