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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Collector Day – Online Phase

For those that missed out, Kmart.com has the following banner on their website. It downloads a PDF which is just the CARS flyer except the words on the top have been replaced with this:

Since Kmart.com does sell the Hot Wheels cases after an “event,” it looks like they will sell CARS cases online also. Not sure when it will go on sale but presumably cases will simply be retail price times 18 CARS in case M1054-9998.

In some places, they seem to have lowered prices for the event to $3.49 per CAR – normally it’s $3.69 so the price of the case is presumably around $62 to $67 USD. They probably do not ship internationally but you can double check.

The case allotment appears to be:

Charlie Checker
Dinoco Chick Hicks
Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Edward Kranks
Fred (re-scaled)
Fred (CHASE)
Petrol Pulaski
Shiny Wax (2)
Sparemint (2)
Sputter Top (3)
Transberry Juice (2)
View Zeen (2)

As usual, there’s no guarantee but other than some Kmart employee to eBay early efforts, the case allotment seems to be what everyone reported from around the country.

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