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SD Comic Con – The Hallway Update

Hello All.

Um, it’s crowded, I don’t really mind crowds and I don’t really mind the CC crowd, everyone is interested in all the same things but it’s hard to get any work down whether you’re here seriously to buy or just to look around.

And yea, some of the buying lines are crazy … 4th of July at Disneyland with 5 kids crazy :-/

There is so much stuff to post and show and it’s just way too hard to do it here properly.

So, I’ll just give you a text preview for now and get ready next week for a week of CARS & whatever was cool at CC (hello Mighty Muggs).

I promise you’ll get different photos available no where else.

All I can say is save up your money – sell your extra yacht and make sure the goose that lays the golden egg has enough to eat.

Why? Oh I don’t know: 25 new CARS? Tractor Trailers for Piston Cup Racers? New ‘chase’ CARS? An ‘oversized’ line? Storytellers? More Macks than you shake a stick at? Minis & trailers? The return of the 1:24 line?

Yea, hardly anything going on 🙂

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25 July 2008 CARS 49 Comments

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