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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Target Halloween 2008 & Other Mini’s


Looks like Target will get another holiday Mini – though not as enticing as the Easter ones with the cool paint motifs …

Since none of the motif names sound Autumn or Halloween-ish, it might be safe to presume they will come with some pumpkin shaped holder instead of a paint scheme …

Not everything has an accompanying photo but the list is:

Tunerz McQueen & Tunerz Ramone (no photo)


Peace Corp Fillmore & Sarge
(this set re-released each with a mini ‘pumpkin’?)


Race Rod Mater & Race Rod Sarge
Here is Race Rod Mater – no Race Rod Sarge photo yet …

The main MINI’s visual checklist is here along with more text updates (no photos) of what’s coming next. Presumably at SD Comic Con, we’ll get more visual evidence.

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