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Underwater Internet Cable Cut-Funniest WSJ Drawing Ever


This is the funniest drawing I’ve ever seen in the WSJ … okay, not exactly much of a competition but still …

Some conspiracy theorists have ideas why India & parts of the Middle East have lost most of their internet connection as several underseas cables have been severed.

It could be sharks with lasers … though I guess, the proper description is frickin’ sharks with lasers 🙂

And in case you’re unclear on the concept …

Rest of the article from the WSJ – though not as many laughs.

Is this the new WSJ under Murdoch? Did he send out a Homer memo?



Here’s a reasonable and level-headed discussion by ABCNews … so probably just part of the conspiracy. 🙂

Turns out it could be the 5-ton anchor left at the scene … humm, you think?

Though this might be your last opportunity this century to see shadow stock art of parellel ports used to indicate high technology and internet over fiber …

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8 February 2008 Computing, Internet, Media, Politics, Science, TV 3 Comments

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