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Mattel Pixar Disney Cars Checklist: The Been Here-Done That List 2008


Now, this list won’t be very useful to many – this is simply a list for the ultra completists who will fight you to the death for a WOC Lizzie … well, okay, maybe not ‘fight to the death,’ – maybe just a simple “ACK!”

For the ultra completists who have to have every CAR on card, it’s a little hard to keep track what’s out and what they already have …

… so this is just a list of Supercharged & WM Speedway of the South Exclusives REPEATS that are returning as World of Cars.

… most on this list are already out … the second column indicates it’s already out and on the store shelves …

Good luck!

For those who are Ultra-Competists in name only can buy a t-shirt from us 🙂

Of course, the main 2008 post is here.

Rest of posts are here.

(PNG graphic file – just copy or drag off onto your desktop and PRINT)


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