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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Fireball Beach Singles – Not so Sandy But Beachy Variants

Thanks for the heads up and nice photos courtesy of “Dale W.”

The Fireball Beach upcoming singles are not the “sandy” look of 2017 releases but they are variants/expanded universe versions as the tires are encrusted with sand on the tires & mud splashes – a much more realistic look than the “sandy” CARS releases with yellow tires.

Danny Swerez

Michael Rotor


The singles.

The only two on the list not shown here are Tank Coat Next Gen & Luigi/Guido (which may not be released, or perhaps in Wave 2?).

These are scheduled for US released but unknown when? Are they exclusives to Target or WM? Unknown yet.



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  • BMW says:

    Met, Mr. Wilson says its all right to let it go..Thanks

    (MET: Thx. I heard second hand that he was okay with the post. I’m getting confirmation on his prefered name. Thanks).

  • BMW says:

    Met: FYI These pictures of the open Fireball Beach Racers were taken from a Facebook user Dale Wilson.. The person who sent them to you MusicNYWU1 is not giving credit to the original owner of these pictures.

    (MET: I was sent them by “MusicNYWU1” as from his friend. If this is incorrect, I will remove them).

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