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TakeFiveADay.com – How to Fix Your Browser to Avoid Re-Directs

For those trying to access TakeFiveADay.com and getting a re-direct, it is NOT US.

It is your browser being “hijacked.”

You can clear your browser first and see if that helps:


You probably want to UNCHECK PASSWORDS or the AUTOFILL DATA if you want your name/address to be saved without having to type it in. Then just hit CLEAR DATA – it’ll take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes if you haven’t done it in a while.

If you use FIREFOX, it’s about the same but with more detailed settings. Under FIREFOX, Select PRIVACY & SECURITY.

You can turn off or create settings so you don’t have to clear them often in Firefox. You cab set it to wipe everything except PW’s everytime you quit Firefox.

Then you can try the more drastic browser cleaning.

You can clear your Facebook Data files also HERE which can leave a long trail.

Hope that helps!

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18 June 2018 Internet One Comment

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