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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Radiator Springs 500½ Ramone – Walmart 3-Pack

It’s hard to tell if this is an exclusive but it’s definitely available first at Walmart – and at a decent price $14.97 for 3 Radiator Springs 500½ diecasts (normally priced at @$5.99) though Ramone is hardly the same the same amount of metal & plastic …

And with free shipping or free ship to store, it’s a nice way to make sure it’s at the store you shop at.

Disney Cars Toons RS500 Die-Cast Vehicle, 3-Pack

RS500 3-pack

Thanks for the heads up, “BMW.”

You can check out more photos of Ramone HERE.


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  • brianmc4745 says:


    I use to feel the same way you do and I made that same argument here when I first started because just about everyone who post here does the same thing. There are many reasons I buy multiples, often to help out others or to use as trade bait. I also have two kids so they get one and then I have spares because my boys are extremely rough with their cars. To each his own, there are many ways to get these and if it wasn’t me doing it for IMO, pretty good reasons, it would be some eBay scalper,( there are a few of those on this site) which is something I am extremely against. I can’t stand the people who buy kids toys at retail for a monetary gain on eBay. They are the scum of the toy world IMO.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    On another note, I want this Ramone but it is unfortunate it is only coming in a three pack with 2 cars I already have. I wish they would put this one on a single card since I am a MOC collector. This Ramone is probably one of my favorites as of yet.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    Well, it finally happened after months and months of seeing the same case W on the shelves over and over again. I walked into target this morning and a fresh case D had been put out, so I grabbed Todd, Denise and Hugo. A couples hours later my wife had a Dr,s apt. so we stopped at wal mart to pick up some stuff for a baby shower. I walked to the toy section to find a Display for planes, but on the back side had 6 fresh case D’s in it. I grabbed all the Todd’s, Denise”s and Hugo’s, and made off today with a grand total of 7 of each. What a way to end a dry spell. Time for the next case although I will be grabbing every Todd I see in the future.

  • ksammut says:

    I saw a backdoor auction on eBay for this a while ago. I assumed it is was from this short.

    PS. I still haven’t seen the RS 500 1/2 short yet.

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