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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: The Cartney Carsper of 2014

Of the new releases in 2014, some people wonder why it seems stores keep getting the W Case (early 2014) with just Cartney Carsper as the “new” CAR in the case.

Yea, there’s no rhyme or reason. Logically, they should be shipped new cases as they are released but of course, there’s no real logic to the case packs and distribution situation.

Retailers will usually just place an order for X number of cases, say 10,000 cases over a certain period or a year (for 1,800 Target stores, that’s about 5 cases per store which seems about right for Mattel these days) and sure, logically, they should get shipped new cases as they are released but sometimes Mattel save money on production through economies of scale and overproduce wildly on one case so perhaps they end up shipping 6,000 cases of one case to the retailer. As long as there’s a mix of Lightning’s and Mater’s – retailers don’t really notice or care that much as long as it’s not mostly deadweight …

So, in case you’re wondering, Carney Carsper is the lucky new diecast that got in the wildly overproduced case of 2014.


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