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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Mack Diecast Car Collection, 11-Pack

If you need to fill out your Piston Cup racers, the Mack box set is on sale at Walmart for $39.39 (a slight discount on getting 11-CARS – @$3.58 a diecast).

Plus you get a “free” box – a nice gift format.

mack box

You basically get the 11-singles as you find them at retail.



Mack Box singles

Also available at Amazon but a few dollars more.

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  • ksammut says:

    I agree with Dunroamin, this box set has all the cars you can out to the store and buy. I saw all but Shiny Wax and Dexter Hoover at my Wal-Mart yesterday.

  • RRichie09 says:


    Used site to store and returned the ones that I had. Which was about 6 out of the 11. I’m new so it was perfect.

    BTW if anyone buys this I would like to buy the mack box from you.


  • Dunroamin says:

    I think this was a miss with the packaging…can’t even display the box in a manner that makes sense..easy pass…obviously targeting the new collector…too bad it didn’t have the following:

    RT Rip
    Silver Rip
    the remaining mettalic deco WGP racers
    Apple iCar

    need I go on…

    Finish a line please!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Walmart or Walmart.com?

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