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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Old School Supercharged

Nothing like an old school … releases still hanging around on the pegs.

“Sarah S.” sends us this nice pic from Germany.

Old School

I believe this was only released in the US as “Cruisin’ Ramone?”

I think “Old School Ramone” was on Canadian and English EU cards? Australia?

So for card completists, your Collect ’em All Supercharged cards is not quite complete.  🙄

Thanks, “Sarah S.” for the fun find.

BTW, as we move into January, some stores will actually start to clean out their back rooms, move a few pieces of furniture and usually find something that fell behind something (or an employee stashed it and forgot) and that gets pegged … though it would be surprising to see something from 2007 …


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