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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Old School Supercharged

Nothing like an old school … releases still hanging around on the pegs.

“Sarah S.” sends us this nice pic from Germany.

Old School

I believe this was only released in the US as “Cruisin’ Ramone?”

I think “Old School Ramone” was on Canadian and English EU cards? Australia?

So for card completists, your Collect ’em All Supercharged cards is not quite complete.  🙄

Thanks, “Sarah S.” for the fun find.

BTW, as we move into January, some stores will actually start to clean out their back rooms, move a few pieces of furniture and usually find something that fell behind something (or an employee stashed it and forgot) and that gets pegged … though it would be surprising to see something from 2007 …


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  • collectormom says:

    I had to laugh when we walked down the toy aisle and came across this. I took it off the peg and showed it to my husband. His response was “Whoa! That’s really old!”

  • thebreezz says:

    As a completest in Supercharged series I looked hard to find this one ! In trying to get them all I had found 4 Cars that got released that had U.S. writing on the front name plate. 1) Fred 2) Dinoco Helicopter 3) Yeti the Abominable Snow Plow 4) Old School Ramone. This made for some hard work to get them into my collection. Even now I still need the Helicopter & my super hard to get are the Poster Blister packs. I still need ( Lizzie, Sarge, Fab Hudson Hornet with Silver rims and maybe never produced MATER ) Met has put together some great Articles on these Rare releases. P.S. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME ON FINDING THOSE LAST COUPLE BLISTER PACKS I WOULD BE THANKFUL. Thebreezz

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I have to admit as a new collector I found the various names of Ramone to be confusing and hard to follow — several of them don’t seem to make sense. That said, you’ve got to have all the colors of Ramone, they are all just so nicely realized.

    (MET: Technically, Green, Yellow and Purple Ramone are just called RAMONE. Yep, there is a Hydraulic Ramone’s that is not Hydraulic and Hydraulic Ramone’s not with hydraulic in his name. There is both a Retro Ramone and an Old School Ramone. There is a Metallic Ramone that is pretty much identical to the non-metallic one. And that’s not the complete list).

  • BMW says:

    Canada only I thought with that nametag on supercharged, Interesting it was Euro English also.
    Old School Ramone nametag was used for this Car on World of Cars for USA.

    Mattel really does need to change some of the Ramone names. They keep using the Hydraulic Ramone name for different cars. (Purple).

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