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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Changes to Case P

It looks like from the time they announced the newly compiled cases, they made more changes to it … the least confusing way is probably this chart to see what changed from announced P to actual P and how you view/might view the alleged Kmart case …

SPOILER ALERT: No Mildred Bylane, No Super Chase – Ruka but the first appearance of Boost with Flames and Mark Wheelsen and also Brent Mustangberger with headset. Plus the first appearance of Jeff Gorvette on the regular single card and more Nature Drive Lightning McQueen’s.

Case P-S

So it looks like Mildred Bylane is back as a first to market for the Kmart case – along with an exclusive Chase, Ruka … since there’s no Ruka’s here – maybe there’s 2 Chase CARS in every Kmart case? Or there will some/many/a lot left over since Kmart might only take 3-5,000 cases?

Since they still seem to be sorting through what to put in and what’s not, it’s hard to say anything is for certain in the so-called Kmart case – especially since they released the P case info only last week – so a pretty quick changeout from “accurate” a few weeks ago to release yesterday – it’s almost like they are making it up as they go along. 🙂

Voost Flames

The released CASE P is a solid retail store case – a few new CARS diecasts but a solid representation of the line so it looks nice on the shelf and with characters the average fan might recognize.

Mark wheelsen

And as of now, it looks like the only case with Brent Mustangberger and Jeff Gorvette. Thanks for the heads up on the info update and photos, “Rob (My 6 Kids).” His photo of Brent Mustangberger was a little blurry to run – just too darn excited I guess … 🙂 … or maybe Brent Mustangberger saw a college cheerleader car.

Jeff Gorvette

Thanks, Rob (My 6 Kids)!

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  • firechief902 says:

    Found a P case at Walmart in central NJ last night. 2 boosts 2 Brent’s 1 mark wheelsen were the new ones plus cactus McQueen. Other than the list above was 1 Miguel camino, and only 1 shu

    • Jack says:

      Yes I agree. Met you have 25 total cars listed for case P. However I found 2 sealed cases and as the above member says there is a Miquel Camino, only 1 Shu and 2 Boost not 3 in the case P’s we are finding.
      I also took a photograph of a just opened case I will send.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    Its gonna be a good day tommoro, my friend is a manager at target and he pulls everything out of the cases for me every time they get a new case or cases and he just called and got cases of p, n and R. He got me 3 super chases as well.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    Its unfortunate we never got a doc or a lizzie in this series. That would have made this one of the best series to be released.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    So are we every going to see mildred bylane here in the states or is there not going to be anymore new cases? I am bummed that Europe got all the cases and they cancelled them here. Very disappointing. I really want that Fred/McQueen two pack to. I think this is going to be the end for cars. And I think case P is going to be one of those cases that does not get released everywhere, I really hope i can find about five more of this case. I stocked up on RIP’s.

    (MET: The last column shows the “Kmart Case,” which as of now includes Mildred and should be out in mid-October. There are never any guarantees even when Mattel sends an updated listing such as CASE P. People have reported seeing it at retail – whether it gets widespread distro is another matter … The Fred/McQ should be out in a few weeks at most – again, retail is another matter but it looks like a nice case to order – it should be easy to find someone to split it with you …).

  • PopeMobile says:

    Hey guys I just noticed the revised contents listed above of case P are incorrect. When added up it totals to 25 cars. So one of those listed is not there. Anyone know??

    (MET: Sorry, I did not recount and I probably copied the old graphic listing a CAR with multiples – so the assortment in correct, just the actual amount of a multiple is off by one).

    • Lightyear says:

      I found two cases of case P this morning at Target. This Target has had NO cars for the last 2 weeks, so I know that what was on the pegs were all from the same case. Some of the cars had been purchased, but not many allowing me to verify what was missing. There were 36 cars left, and going through the list above on what was still there and what had been purchased, I counted 14 Cars were missing. So that adds up to 50? So maybe it is a case of 25 for Target?
      But I’m not sure of the accuracy of the list above because there were 2 Miguel Caminos on the pegs, making me think that there is 1 Miguel Camino per case P, and either Dexter Hoover or Shu Todorko is only 1 per case instead of 2. Unless the person that bought them really likes Shu or Dexter and needed 3 of each of them, but unlikely.

    • BMW says:

      Boost with Flames. 2 per case P.

    • brianmc4745 says:

      There are only 2 of boost, not three.

      Where all is everyone finding these, I found mine in TX. I control all the cars in my area.

    • brianmc4745 says:

      I hope rip goes rare again, i have over 40 of him.

      • PopeMobile says:

        Unlikely – there’s too many already produced of him now. I liked it when he was hard to find – it made him special. He still sells right away off the shelves but that’s mainly people picking him up and thinking he’s still worth $40 when you can buy him carded now for about $8 on ebay. Still one of my favorite cars though.

  • HolyGeekboy says:

    According to the card backs that have been spotted so far, Ruka is a regular chase, not Super Chase…

  • Mariela says:

    Found this case today!

  • Is Kmart Cars day the 19th or 26th?

    (MET: 19th)

  • Dunroamin says:

    when is kmart day??

  • fongkx says:

    Is Ruka a “super” chase or just a regular chase a la Francesca?

  • MoMcQueen says:

    This case reminds me of cleaning cupboards for the fall tin-for-the-bin drive. Step 1. Rummage through what you’ve got sitting around for canned food. Step 2. Pack a box with dusty pumpkin pie filling; lima beans with a manufacturing date of 2009; whole olives; generic-brand tomato soup, and a token tin of canned ham. Step 3. Holler to the kids you’ve packed the darn hamper, they can take it to school. Feel satisfied you’ve done your good deed for the year. Step 4. Have second thoughts, go back and swap the canned ham for a dented tin of pork-flavoured beans in sauce. Because you might need that ham for something else. 

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    As long as they don’t cancel Mildred out of the Kmart case, I’ll be fine. I’m getting nervous though.

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