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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Super Chase on the Pegs

Yes, it’s a Labor Day miracle! You can find Super Chases just hanging around the pegs if you are pure of heart …er, how’s the rest go again?

European, and Canadian collectors might want to avert this post. Sorry.


Photos from Butter 1, Wraukn and Mariela P. Thanks!


Do you need 911 assistance sir? Sir, are you clutching your chest and pulling things into your cart? What are you shouting? Need bigger cart? What are you gasping now? Get me some baby aspirin?

I hope your WM & Target look like this. My closest Target has 7 Francesco’s from CASE C, I think?


So, what do you think of this new transforming series – Takeshi on the pegs but under home lighting, it changes to Francesco Bernoulli – impressive technology, huh?  :razzle:


My closest Walmart has 10 singles though only 4 are Francesco’s. What’s the opposite of whoohoo? Nohoo?


Happy Labor Day! Hope your laborious driving around the city pays off in Super Chase!

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