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Disney Pixar CARS: Carrera Go! Silver Series Slot Racers

While the whole Silver Series Expanded Universe storyline, shorts and diecast releases seem to have been back burnered – maybe when PLANES went from a straight to home video to a theatrical release, they didn’t want another line intruding on it – but they did hint a Silver Series short would arrive around September so maybe the Silver Series is about to relaunch again?

In any case, the Carerra Go! slot CARS are ready … Thanks for the heads up reminder and photos, Lane Change.

Silver Racer Slot Cars Box

$39.99 at TRU, it seems to be less complex set (just a figure 8 track) versus the one on Amazon & on Carerra’s website so this might be an exclusive?
Silver Racer Slot Cars (1)

The Silver Lightning & Silver Bernoulli are also in the other set – called the Disney Cars Silver Speeders Racing Set. As you can see, a lot more to the track portion.


Of course, you will need a lot more tracks and accessories to build this setup.


You can find all the slot CARS and other cars available at Carerra’s website HERE.

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