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Mattel Disney PLANES: The Target Retail CARS to PLANES Switcheroo

It looks like the retail powers to be (the ones with the marketing purse strings) have made the big move from CARS to PLANES …

planes sign

PLANES is now marketing-wise, a world above CARS – CARS, the PLANES Flanker brand if you want to get all details-ugly.

With the movie coming out today and the DVD coming out in November and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s plain it’s a PLANES world.

And with PLANES 2: Fire & Rescue coming next July, with toys out by the end of April 2014, it’s clear what property gets the big switcheroo to the aisle display as THE FRANCHISE.

planes extras

And of course, the PLANES 2 DVD will be out in September 2014 probably so it’s another touch and go landing to the holidays 2014 … AND if they announce a PLANES 3 by mid next year, CARS will REALLY, REALLY be the “classic trilogy.”


Of course at John H’s Target (thanks for the photos, John H.) is still at least a solid 10 feet of CARS products so it’s more like “other” Hot Wheels to Hot Wheels basic …

CArs to Planes

But at my Target, when they make the switch – there are only about 8 singles and about 3 2-packs so it’s already more like Hot Wheels to Matchbox.


Thanks for the nice photos and good luck in your Target reset.

And one peg of Turbo left! Looks like it’ll be a rare and hard to find line in a few weeks!

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  • John in Missouri says:

    We just got home from the theater. “Planes” will be an afterthought by Christmas. Bring on “Cars 3” already!

  • BMW says:

    “CARS will REALLY, REALLY be the “classic trilogy.”

    I do not believe. Planes will not take over Cars.

  • Mark from South Dakota says:

    john h, mark from south dakota here, would you be willing to help me finish my cars collection. i have most of them but need a few variants to finish. i’m a completest. if i can help you i will be i’m guessing i won’t be much help. if anyone can help me e-mail me at


    mark thompson is my name

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    Discovered this a few days ago and I loved it! It’s good that they have more space for Planes now. I just wish they’d order more, as only four Dustys are on the pegs right now.

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