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Mattel Disney D23 Expo: Toy Story Small Fry Short Mini Buzz Lightyear + Signing

In addition to the Convoy Brothers, Mattel is selling a Mini Buzz Lightyear from the short “Small Fry” as mini Buzz is a “happy meal” toy, so why not an entire happy meal to go with it!

Small Fry Buzz Inside

It’s unknown if the fries are 3D or 2D cardboard – but I guess when you get one in hand, let us know.

The exterior box has a nice touch – the illusion of grease (just like on the outside of the Dinoco oil can box).


More photos and Convoy Brothers/buying instructions-guide HERE.

Also, the director of the short “Small Fry,” Angus MacLane, will be signing the figure for fans on Friday, August 9th from 4:30-5:00pm, so if you want an extra bonus, be sure to buy it then.

(also note, they will only sign things you buy at the show and I’m guessing in most cases, you have to buy it right there and then).

Have fun!

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7 August 2013 Disney, Disney Pixar, Mattel 6 Comments


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