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Mattel Disney PLANES: Gift Set “Upgrade”

I kept seeing the front of the hanger piece without really studying it but it’s actually a plastic tent!

Gidt Pack Box

If you look at the photos supplied by Mattel, because they took every shot head on, it looks like it’s a facade but now I was told it’s a tent and yea, if you look closely, you can actually see the back legs so that’s nice. As “facades,” they didn’t really serve much of a purpose but as tents, that actually makes sense so UPGRADE!
Dusty #7
Dusty Set

Bulldog #11, the British competition.Bulldog set

El Chupacabra #5.El Chup Box

And what seems like Dusty’s “evil” rival – Ripslinger #13 (naturally).Rip set

And a closer look at the Pitty’s. Dusty’s is the nicest – with tiny tools – sweet! Dusty Pitty

Bulldog’s Pitty.Bulldog Pitty

El Chupacabra Pitty.El Chup Pitty

And Ripslinger’s Pitty.rip pitty

Collect Them All!

No word on US pricing yet.

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  • salamanda says:

    We saw these at TRU yesterday … and my 4 year old snatched up one of the Dusty sets. We went to checkout, and it turns out that these sets are not to be on shelves until June 28th. TRU POS wouldn’t allow them to be sold until that date! We left with an unhappy 4 year old, who kept asking all day to have Dusty 🙁

    The pricing at TRU for one set was $13.99

    (MET: At least the pricing is good – sorry to hear TRU being the Grinch …).

    • salamanda says:

      The manager at TRU did tell us that we could call on the 27th and explain what happened and they would hold the sets for us until the 28th if we wanted. However, we took care of the 4 year old need for Dusty by making a special trip to the Disney Store. We were able to find all the planes except for Chug & Franz … the hunt will continue for those two! I think the DS versions are much nicer after having seen both in person!

      (MET: Nice score! And 10 is better than 1! 🙂 ).

  • HolyGeekboy says:

    The way things have been going lately, I’m guessing the price will be $24.99 at Target, $27.99 at KMart and TRU.

  • jestrjef says:

    Looking forward to seeing these on a shelf! My son goes WILD every time I show him pictures. :–)

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