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Mattel Disney Toons PLANES: Buying Checklist

There are 17 “deluxe oversized” diecasts to be released separately (16 are shown here – there is another Rochelle version not shown). (There are no singles in terms of smaller sized diecasts but for simplicity sake, they’ll just be referred to as singles). 4 of the PLANES will be also available in a “gift set” with a Pitty and a airport hanger facade – it seems likely the PLANES in the gift set will be the same as the deluxe/single versions as there’s not much windshield space to work with for eye position and expressions … There are also FIVE Target 4-packs listed but NO breakdown of contents so will they follow CARS tradition of 3 re-releases and 1 “exclusive” PLANE in each 4-pack?


Or will all the single versions be available in 4-packs?

Will the 4-packs include a Pitty or a CAR vehicle diecast?

As soon as you spot one, let us know!

For now, the Target 4-pack column is blank.

(There are some other characters revealed but no diecast listing – will they be in the 4-packs or coming in later waves?)

Thanks Quercy for the updated Rip Pitty photo.

Planes1 Check

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