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Disney Pixar: CARS Land Radiator Springs Racers Diecast

The main ride at CARS Land (with rave reviews) is the Radiator Springs Racers ride. On most weekends, the wait is up and over 2 hours – so get there and get your FastPass!


Without giving away everything, the ride starts out with a history of Radiator Springs …


Then the Sheriff takes note of your speed … 🙂


Er, they don’t call the ride “Radiator Springs Racers” for no reason if you get my drift (there is also some drifting – well, in your track lane). 🙂

And you can pick up some metal diecasts of the racers …

RS Racer

There are 4 – 2 each of the 2 model/designs of the racer. The red & blue ones have a back “windshield.” The teal and green ones have the “cabriolet” look of a folded down soft-topRadiator-Springs-Racer-155-all-colors-front-quarter-top

I believe these are the only 4 configurations available (for instance, I do not believe the red one comes in the cabriolet folded down soft-top look … and only with the “windshield,” look – let me know if I’m incorrect.Radiator-Springs-Racer-155-all-colors-front-quarter

These are nicely done – in theory 1:55 scale as they are about the length of Tex Dinoco/Mel Dorado). Nicely detailed with 6 seats each.Radiator-Springs-Racer-155-Mater-size-comparison

Thanks for the great pics, “John H!”

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