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Disney Pixar: CARS Land Radiator Springs Racers Diecast

The main ride at CARS Land (with rave reviews) is the Radiator Springs Racers ride. On most weekends, the wait is up and over 2 hours – so get there and get your FastPass!


Without giving away everything, the ride starts out with a history of Radiator Springs …


Then the Sheriff takes note of your speed … 🙂


Er, they don’t call the ride “Radiator Springs Racers” for no reason if you get my drift (there is also some drifting – well, in your track lane). 🙂

And you can pick up some metal diecasts of the racers …

RS Racer

There are 4 – 2 each of the 2 model/designs of the racer. The red & blue ones have a back “windshield.” The teal and green ones have the “cabriolet” look of a folded down soft-topRadiator-Springs-Racer-155-all-colors-front-quarter-top

I believe these are the only 4 configurations available (for instance, I do not believe the red one comes in the cabriolet folded down soft-top look … and only with the “windshield,” look – let me know if I’m incorrect.Radiator-Springs-Racer-155-all-colors-front-quarter

These are nicely done – in theory 1:55 scale as they are about the length of Tex Dinoco/Mel Dorado). Nicely detailed with 6 seats each.Radiator-Springs-Racer-155-Mater-size-comparison

Thanks for the great pics, “John H!”

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18 April 2013 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 7 Comments


  • pixarlover says:

    Hey met can you please post the product numbers they were sold out when we were there.

    (MET: I will do a followup post. Thanks!)

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Where are their brains?

  • carslover says:

    i’ll pass
    i buy enough cars that were not in the movie as it is

  • Tom says:

    If anyone can help, I’d greatly appreciate a set of these racers.
    cravacor @@@ yahoo.com

    (MET: You should be able to order them direct: 1-877-560-6477, let me know if you need the product numbers).

  • TopherDawg says:

    The “single rider” is definitely the way to go as you might only wait in line for 20 minutes. The Fast Pass is usually closed off for the day around 11 am. I should take some pics of the Cars buttons and send them in, they’re pretty cool too.

  • fongkx says:

    Went there last summer. Awesome ride…felt kinda short and wanted it to be longer given the wait time. We got there when the park opened and got right behind the “guards” who ensure nobody is running/getting trampled….still a 1 and 1/2 hour wait. Turned out park opened up “early” for season pass peeps. There are Youtube clips of the ride if you wanted to see it “as if you were there”.

  • Zen Master Pitty says:

    Going to take a trip there this fall, will have to check this out for sure.

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