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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Singles Case G – On Deck

Now, that we are getting cases fast and furious, who knows, this might just show up in a few weeks …

main Case G

Even the “new” CARS in this case are essentially re-releases but it’s a nice retail case – highlighting the wide spectrum of characters (well, maybe not yet more Francesco’s) so while it might be enticing enough to buy as an entire case but here’s to note:


Darrell Cartrip with headset is technically new though of course, he’s been often released, just the first time with headset and of course, he does not look much different than the lights and sounds version.

Mama Topolino while new to the singles packaging is not really new – released in a 2-pack last year though she has been upgraded to a unibody and while available in the 2-pack in Europe as a unibody, this is her first US release as a unibody. Unibody.

Miles Axelrod with opening hood is the first CHASE CARS of Themes 2013 cards.

Hard to Find Re-Releases

Sputter Stop has not available as a plastic tire CAR for a while (as a launcher or in a box set) and not as a single until way back in Kmart CARS Day 1.

Edwin Kranks – a few releases but hard to find.

And the rest.

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  • CalgaryGuy says:

    Anyone know what the case assortment for the next deluxe case is? I saw 2 Dustin Mellows on the pegs at a Canadian Walmart yesterday but wasn’t sure what else was new (there was also a Kabuki Mater and Al Oft). The eBay prices for this one on the 2013 card backs are crazy and no North American sellers, almost makes me wish I paid the inflated Canadian price of $10.50 to re-sell it.

    (MET: It sounds like CASE C, I’ll do an update in the next few days).

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    BTW Met, I need a Cars 2 collector guide, hint hint.

    (MET: almost done …)

  • carslover says:

    will not be buying this one as a case
    i will buy the 2 i need separtely

  • quercy says:

    There is good cholester and bad cholesterol…. This case is BAD chilestrol if you know what it does to human body… That’s apply to peg in the world of cars… I am sorry but 3 plastic Francesco, 3 Cactus McQueen and 3 Mater in one case is very hard to swallow… Max and Charlie Checker are not very popular… The chase Miles with open hood could be the hard one to get. The others may return in the coming cases… On a brighter side we are not done with the third month of the year and already we have almost 75% of the cars shown on the 2013 poster who will be available in US stores inthe coming few weeks. That will be interesting to see how the rest will be ditributed…. Are they just doing room for Planes by any chance??? Let’s see…

  • Tom says:

    More Francescos?!?
    Both of my WMs have had nothing but Francesco for WEEKS!
    Nice to see Edwin and Sputter Stop, they both have great colors.
    Other than Popemobile, Is Axlerod w/hood the first Cars mainline release that has moving parts?

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    Mama Topolino yay!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Cactus McQueen, Francesco, Mater, and Max are becoming the Pegwarmers for 2013. Having them all crammed in one Case was not a good decision on Mattel. Luckily they slightly made up for it having 3 each of Darrell w/ Headset, Sputter Stop, and Edwin Kranks.

    I give this Case a C+ grade. It’s good, but not amazing.

    • John in Missouri says:

      2013 cases have been great, but they have been a roller coaster so far:

      A – neat
      B – great
      C – neat
      D – great
      F – great
      G – neat
      H – ???
      J – ???
      K – ???
      L – ???
      M – ???
      R – ???

  • Raekwonn says:

    I found the sputter stop launcher last week on the Toys R Us website. I didnt try to order it, but it showed as in stock.


  • SCAVENGER says:

    Nearly half of this case will warm pegs unfortunately! But there are a couple good ones to be had!

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    Yay! We still need mama topolino so the chance of maybe finding her in the wild is exciting!

    • materrocks says:

      Thornton, CO
      I found a two pack with mama topolino and uncle topolino at Ross. The packaging wasn’t the best but it was priced at $3.00. Would be great if you are an opener.

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