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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: John Lasseter JL CARS

In this case, JL is not just short for John Lasseter but short for Jealous. 🙂

ToyFountain sends us some great photos of his JL CARS (also short for early and very hard to find).

The Top 5 Rarest Promotional CARS.

Piaxr JL Pro

Only given away to the Crew & Staff working on CARS 2.

Piaxr JL Pro2

Maybe only 500?

pixar side

For those not in the know, John Lasseter likes Hawaiian shirts. There is a Hawaiian shirt for every Pixar film – some with more than one, either only an internal promo one or only available at the company store (in the lobby of HQ).

Pixar rear

John’s birthday.

And coming soon – to Kmart … which means you shouldn’t hold your breath – maybe by Kmart CARS Day in June? Three oversized CARS – exclusive to Kmart now.

epi pro 2

This is the Chevy pickup truck at the end of film of CARS 2, seen at the race scene at Radiator Springs.

Epi Pro

Aka: Epilogue JL – the Classic Woody “wood” panel version.

Epi Pro2

Maybe it should come with accessories like a boat load of miniature singles cases …

both frobt

All smiles.

Both rear

Great pics, ToyFountain!

both side

Good luck on the customizing of the Epilogue JL to Surfing Safari JL!


Thanks for the fun pics, ToyFountain!

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