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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Retail Stores That Are Retail Stores

I think most people have found their stores looking vaguely like this …

IWM cars3

But not “wraukn” who claims this is a real store in Springfield, MA … this may be the greatest photoshop job I’ve ever see, it looks totally 3D and real. 🙂

KM fake

I suppose we can convince tourists it’s like this for CARS in every store in America. Yea, come on by – get what you want – always on, always available!


Or “Celso” in Miami … it’s like Kmart actually stocks items … what a concept!

KM singles

Km side

Or this Target (sorry, lost track of who sent this photo) … OMG! It’s like you can walk into a store and buy CARS? What a unique retail concept! It might not work, it’s just too risky!

target pegs

While no one is particularly excited about the Stunt Racers, at least there’s some to make a nice display …

target stunt

Crazy stores – stocking products! It’ll NEVER catch on!

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  • ntblevins says:

    Melbourne FL here – which means I have a HUGE circuit:
    – 4 Walmarts
    – 3 Targets
    – 4 Ross
    – 5 Walgreens
    – 1 K-Mart
    – 1 Tuesday Morning
    – 4 Marshalls
    – 1 Big Lots

    And even with a circuit like that, at once a week, I’ve found nearly nothing. I picked up the new Al Oft and Lightning Storm McQueen at Target last week, but otherwise, all of these stores are picture #1 above. 🙁

    Like others, I’m hoping for a post-Valentine’s-Day reset.

    Happy hunting!

  • Frank says:

    Great photoshop job!

  • Bumper Save says:

    This post was originated solely to promote jealousy in those whose stores look like the first picture I think….

  • JB says:

    There are about 12 different stores in the Atlanta area that look a lot like that top picture.

  • Tom says:

    We’re in worse shape than I thought if this is considered “good”. Only
    One new Car in all those pics and it is trapped in a 7 pack.

  • carslover says:

    i went to my targets, kmart and walmarts yesterday and the only 2013 product they have is that stunt crap
    i will give it until after valentines day supposedly when thaty will rest their stores
    before i have to take drastic measures to get new cars

  • danrio says:

    While our Target seems to get one case of something new about every 4 weeks or so (and my timing is always off by a day or so), our WalMart has had only 37 singles of Francesco (and no other singles) on the pegs since mid December (I go in once in a while to count them). A the beginning of December, they had 41, but managed to sell 4 of them during a brief time they had them marked down to $1.50. Since they went back up to $3.88 in mid December, they have sold not even one; the almost daily count is stuck at 37!

    I noticed several “Bindos” in the one of the pictures; I have never seen that at retail. Also have never seen Prince Wheeliam, Gear Grinder, Nick Cartone, Cartney Brakin’ Fabrizio, any of the ultimate chase cars or who knows how many others at retail either. The past few months would have to be declared a Cars drought were it not for several nice new releases I got from Disney Store.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    My K-Mart has been amazing these past few months. They got in 4 Case Y 2012 (with Galloping GearGrinder) and 1 Case Q 2012 (with Cartney Brakin) I was able to score 4 GGG’s and 1 Cartney, along with the Jeff Gorvette with Logo. Also, KMart recently put out the left over Silver Racers as well, and there are a few of all the Kday 9 Silver Racers besides Mary and Alexander.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Too bad these stores are restocking with 8-12 month old product. I still haven’t seen 2013 Case C singles yet or 2013 deluxe.

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