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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Oversized Deluxe CASE B Arrives

The return of more CARS 1 oversized Deluxe CARS (aka: Deluxe Case B 2013) have arrived at Walmart (not exclusives but maybe first ship to WM?)

Thanks for the nice photos, “Moe A.”

Deluxe CASE

Of course, Red was available in 2011 in one of the early CARS 2 Deluxe cases but he still seems highly sought after. Note, this Red is larger than original CARS 1 Red. You can read the comparison review here – also note, with CARS 2 Red 2011, they added a plastic faceplate, not sure if that’s been changed or not …

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the deluxe Al Oft the Blimp, I wonder how he’ll be received this time. Is there 4 years of pent up demand?

deluxe cardback

The cardback is appropriately different depending on which “theme” that deluxe falls under. WM

“Moe A’s” Walmart looks like it’s actually stocked with CARS. The NorCal ones I’ve seen lately have some Action Agents and some Francesco’s – that’s pretty much it.

Thanks, Moe.

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