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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: “New” Radiator Springs Classics

“New” Toys R Us only exclusive Radiator Springs Classic CARS 1 diecasts have popped up in stores. “New,” in the sense that they do not appear on any official lists yet.

Thanks for the heads up & nice photos, “John H.”

Wave 3 Cardback

King & Check have already been released so the other 6 shown are “new” to the Radiator Springs Classic lineup and previously NOT listed. Radiator-Springs-Classic-Bug-Mouth

I’m not sure if the other 5 were in the same case as Bug Mouth McQueen – either gone already from the pegs? Maybe John can update us in the comments or if anyone else has spotted these on the pegs at TRU?

Other than King or Chick, there does not seem to be any crossover repeats from the CARS 1 re-releases within the 2013 Themes card series … which is nice in one aspect but on the other hand, TRU does not seem to have these regularly in stock. For most, Marilyn and Nick Stickers were only briefly available as a Final Lap release so these should be easier to find. The others are more common releases/re-releases though Dinoco Chick has always been popular and hard to keep in stock.

The entire singles-only TRU Radiator Springs Classic re-releases checklist is here.

Thanks for the nice photos, John H.

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